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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday madness/sadness

I hope everyone had a great day shopping on Black Friday and getting all the great deals that you hoped to get, either you went to Midnight Madness or shopped online. It's wonderful (for us) that retailers are discounting so much since we get such great prices, but sometimes we forget that these are just material goods and that safety is utmost important. I heard in the news today about a Walmart worker in NY who was trampled to death when he opened the doors to let a mob of hungry customers go inside the stores. It's so tragic that this had to happen. Why didn't anyone try to help him? Why did people continue to step all over him? This behavior is disgusting and makes me sick! Everyone needs to practice SAFE SHOPPING..

Note to self: Don't go out to Walmarts on Black Fridays!
Be safe!

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