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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Beauty Trends To Try

3 Pretty Spring Beauty Trends You Must Try

See which trends are a must this season

3 Pretty Spring Beauty Trends You Must Try

This is a TotalBeauty.com beauty tips article

Spring is here and that means it's time for a fresh start. Not only will I be trading in sweaters for breezy dresses, but I'm also updating my beauty routine. Buh-bye thick face cream, sayonara wintery hues. This season I'm psyched to try these three trends.

See them

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sneak Peek of EcoTools New Products & Website Launch in April!

ecotools alicia silverstone

Last week I got a sneak peek at the new EcoTools products coming out this year and the highly anticipated launch of the EcoTools website, with new products, social media links & videos! On April 4, 2011, simply go to www.eco-tools.com and see their new site with lots of natural makeup tips, product views as well as videos! Also, follow them at Twitter @EcoTools !

(Check out all my EcoTools reviews here.)

EcoTools, in my opinion, have the most softest & affordable makeup brushes that I have ever tried and I'm psyched about the second collection with Alicia Silverstone that debuts in April. The first collection came out at the end of '09 with a pretty pink floral pattern. All the cosmetic bags, including an overnight bag for brushes and train case, are made of natural hemp, recycled plastic lining and non-toxic inks.

The new collection is a pretty lilac floral pattern that has similar items from the first collection but has a few new additions such as the makeup brushes holder & brushes (left) & tri-fold case. Can't wait to get these at my nearest Target stores!

See what else is new at EcoTools for 2011...

In addition to the Alicia Silverstone collection coming out in April, there will be some new bath accessories coming out in June of this year. This includes a Cleansing Pad which is a combination of the loofah and pouf & a MINI ecoPouf! The Mini EcoPouf is literally half the size of the regular pouf but it's great because if fits in my palms. (not shown yet) The Cleansing Pad shown below has the best of both worlds, you no longer have to decide which to use b/c it's a 2-in-1!

One side is the pouf

Other side is the cleansing loofah!

More EcoTools reviews and updates coming soon, including how you can recycle your old brushes to get a NEW EcoTool brush :) Stay tuned!

(Disclaimer: I received a sneak preview of the items above from this company's PR agency to share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway for Conair Infiniti Pro Model 270 Hair Dryer - ends April 30, 2011

Congratulations to MargaritaV! Please send an email to beautyandallthat at gmail.com with your name & mailing address!
*************Contest now over************
It's time for a giveaway! This year Conair is generous to sponsor another giveaway for my readers to receive their newest Infiniti Pro hairdryer (model 270). (My last Conair giveaway in the Fall was the orange Infiniti Pro Model 250 hair dryer.)

The new professional model is similar to one before in that they both have AC motors such as the dryers in salons to provide a powerful, yet quiet, drying time for your hair. It is also going to last 3 times longer than regular hairdryers using DC motors. This new model also has neutralizing ions to help make your hair shiny and reduce frizz. It also comes in a convenient travel tote so you take with on vacations or just for storage. This is quite the space saved because you literally twist the handle to the left to half the size... :) There is one con though and it only has two heat settings - high and low. I love my orange hair dryer because it has 3 temperature settings.. But the convenience of the new model and its powerful motor makes it super tempting to have!

So do want to WIN one?

Here's how...
Details for the giveaway...To enter, leave a comment on how you're going to be GREEN this month and include your email. You can enter as many times as you want but all comments must be different. You will only get additional entries if you do one or more of the following: (which means you must at least comment)
1) Tweet this contest: "I want to win a @Conair_hair Infiniti Pro HairDryer from @BeautyAllThat Enter here: http://bit.ly/eJIzqp"
2) Copy/paste image and link this contest on your own personal blog/site. Include your site's link when you comment. (Right click image and save or use this link:

All comments must be submitted before April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM (EST). Winner will be randomly chosen and agree to provide their address to the PR agency, who will fulfill the prize. USA addresses only, at this time. Thanks!

If you can't wait until May, check out:
www.conair-store.com , which retails for $34.99

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Love & Toast Hand Creme (gift from Meg's Makeup!)

In my Meg's Makeup gift package in February, I received a lovely Love & Toast hand creme in Paper Flower scent. Until I received this, I had not heard of Love & Toast and I'm so glad that I have. They are a brand whose philosophy is: It is just as important to do good, as it is to look good.

Their paraben-free formula hand creme is super hydrating with shea butters, avocado & sunflower oils with natural fragrances from botanical extracts. The Paper Moon scent is particularly made with Juniper and Lime Blossom essential oils and smells so fragrant. The only con about this is the packaging. The screw top is so small and the first time I unscrewed and tried to put it back, it just wouldn't work! It took a while but finally worked.. Tip: Make sure the cap isn't lopsided!

Thank You Meg for picking this hand creme for me! :)

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring awakening: NEST Fragrances Soap & Reed Diffuser

(Soap, 8.8 oz. $16 USD; Diffuser, 5.9 fl. oz. $34 USD, www.nestfragrances.com)

It's almost here and now that the sun is out this weekend, I can finally transition into the new season! I have been waiting until this month to finally use my new NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser and Bar Soap. The packaging, as always, is so pretty and looks like gifts themselves. Unwrap them and you unleash the abundance of fragrance that were neatly tucked inside...

The two different fragrances I tried were ...
Moss & Mint for the Bar Soap & Bamboo for the Reed Diffusers.

Moss & Mint- Garden mint, apple blossom and muguet are infused with a touch of oakmoss and vetiver. I immediately smelled the minty notes with a hint of florals & fruits.. The Apple Blossom makes it smell really nice and it reminded me of an outdoor picnic where flowers are blooming and you're snacking on fruits. The combination is very spring-like and fortunately the bar soap (an inch and a half thick!) deliciously lathers your body in this fragrance. It is incredibly luxurious and have never tried such a huge bar of soap before! :D

Bamboo- Flowering bamboo is mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus and fresh green accords. I have a few bamboo plants around my house but never cared much for their scent.. However NEST fragrances have paired the bamboo with citrus & florals that makes Bamboo smell new and fresh! Also really liking this scent as a Reed Diffusers. Its alcohol-free and the aroma of the Bamboo fragrance makes my room smell so good. It's supposed to last for up to 90 days, and so far I'm in 2 weeks.. 2 & half more months to go!

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Protect your Skin from the Sun: Smart Girls Who Surf

Protect your skin early by wearing SPF everyday!

I have sensitive skin that is allergic to chemical ingredients for SPF protection, so I have to use products that only contain Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide (ingredients made for sensitive skin.)

In preparation for the upcoming Earth Month in April, I want to share with you an organic sunscreen face stick that I tried from Smart Girls Who Surf.

Their Organic SPF 32 Sunscreen Face Stick has the following organic ingredients:

Active ingredients : Titanium Dioxide 8%, Zinc Oxide 2.5%
Inactive Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Castor oil, Organic Coco Butter, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Aloe Oil, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula.

Tips & Tricks to use...
With all the oils and moisturizing ingredients, it did not surprise me that when applied, the formula was creamier than expected since it came from a stick. The formula however does leave a bit of a white residue but if you spread it on your face, it will sort of absorb into your skin but still a slightly white cast is left on your face. It helps to let you know that you've applied the sunscreen but if you don't like the tint, you can definitely apply a bronzing powder for cover up.

For $13, this product is a great value for the product that you get. It's also convenient for your purse and TSA-approved since it's not a liquid! :) Great for the beach and on your spring break (see my Spring break must-haves here.)

Check out more products from Smart Girls Who Surf including their Mineral Sunscreen and Soothing Lotion.

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Color Strips- Review

Patterned and textured nail polishes have been a recent trend and you can finally DIY with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Color Strips. They are basically nail strips that you can use that stick to your nails without the mess of the polish application. They are "pre-made" with the patterns on it or if you choose just a plain color, it's literally a SMOOTH, instantaneous nail polish change!

Each box comes with 16 strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini filer. Since my nails are a bit small, I can get away with using one of the strips TWICE. ;) The color choices are pretty diverse considering this is a new collection. Neons are bright and definitely noticeable and comes in 8 different shades. There are 5 various Metallics you can choose from and 10 High-Fashion Patterns. I personally like the patterns best b/c they are unique and unless you make your own from polishes, how else are you going to get them, right?

My review...

I was given the opportunity to try these nail color strips for review and I'm so glad I did. All the drugstores near me have sold out of the patterns I really like which is a shame. My favorite is the "Laced up" and it's been such a hit since last Fall. Here are some of my favorites (left to right):

1) Cut It Out - This white & black floral pattern is pretty for the Spring. It's flowery and very retro looking! It's best to wear this w/ a solid toned outfit.

2) Skinny Jeans - Think Denim! It's dark blue and looks great. This and all the other colors have a thin plastic sheen over it, so it doesn't have the denim-feel.

3) Frock Star - When you wear these your nails will scream GLITTER! It's such a sparkly pattern that would be great for parties or when you're in that bright mood. :)

Ease of use? This definitely takes a bit of learning to use these nail color strips. You have to be careful when applying so it goes on smooth but once you get the hang of it, it's fun! The results are amazing and this really lasts more than a week!

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Total Beauty Awards: Vote for your Favorite Products!

Total Beauty Awards: Vote Now to Help Your Favorite Products Win!

T-minus one week until polls close. Have you voted yet? No? Then get to it

Total Beauty Awards: Vote Now to Help Your Favorite Products Win!

This is a TotalBeauty.com best beauty products article

Vote now and you'll also be entered to win $350 worth of winning products. No joke, so hurry -- voting ends April 1

Vote now

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr.young's Beauty Products Review at The Plaza Beauty

At the end of January, I got to meet & greet and learn more about Dr.young skincare products at The Plaza Beauty, located in the lower level of The Plaza Hotel in NYC. An Asian beauty brand, Dr.young's products are formulated to make your skin look younger look so it actually stays young. For the past two months, I have incorporated several of their products into my skincare routine, including their new Sugar and Cereal Facial Scrub. :)

1) Camellia Deep Cleansing Oil ($65, Anti-Dryness collection)- One of two cleansers, this is the oil-based formula that is extremely gentle and surprisingly working well for my oily skin. It contains 98% botanical oil, so with no harsh ingredients and absolutely no mineral oil in here, it removes any facial makeup and residue to leave my face feeling soft and clean.

(Dr.young's Sprinkling Gel Cream & BB Cream)

See more products here..

2) Sprinkling Gel Cream ($70, Anti-Dryness collection)- This is an oil-free moisturizer that I use after cleansing and is formulated to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Why? It contains cactus extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract to provide the moisture and locks it in. On days that I didn't use this, I felt a difference in my skin- saw dry patches. When I did use this, my skin looked smoother and didn't feel super tight.

3) B.B. Blemish Base SPF35 PA++ ($35, Protect/Prevent collection)- This is the first BB cream that I have tried and they're basically a concealer with SPF in it. This is incredibly moisturizing & lightweight. Its color is made for light-to-medium skintones, so it was a perfect match for my skin. Although this is "SPF" and I avoid those at all cost b/c of my sensitive skin, this contained titanium dioxide only, so I was fine. :)

4) Sugar and Cereal Facial Scrub ($45, Anti-Dryness collection)- This gentle facial scrub was non-abrasive and left my skin looking brighter. I'm not exactly sure why, but I felt like it "whitened" my skin or left some kind of whitener behind.. My skin is already pretty light, so to see this, was a bit strange, no? Overall, I did like that the scrub itself had lots of sugar in it, so you felt like every inch of your face was being exfoliated. (Note: this contains mung beans, black soybean, oats, coffee bean powders.)

There's also an Anti-Blemish line to heal your blemishes and an Anti-Pore line too!

See more Dr.young at The Plaza Beauty in New York City!

(Disclaimer: I received samples of this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

L'Oreal EverStrong Shampoo from FreeBeautyEvents.com

In case you missed my earlier post about FreeBeautyEvents.com, I told you about this new site that I found through another blogger pal of mine, Rinny, from Rinny's Beauty Diary.

consolidates exactly what its name says- free, beauty, events by location so you can find out what's happening. They hold monthly contests that giveaway beauty products just by entering and commenting for additional entries.
There's still time to enter March's giveaway here to win L'Oreal EverStrong Hydrate shampoo, EverStrong Bodify Shampoo and its Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup. Hurry- contest ends 3/31/11!

They were generous to send me the L'Oreal gift package to test (I actually received the Reconstruct Shampoo instead of Bodify Shampoo). The EverStrong collection by L'Oreal is a sulfate-free line and instead uses natural botanicals and their patented Bio-Ceramide Complex for strengthening your hair. The EverStrong Hydrate Shampoo is meant for Normal to Dry hair, and although I have normal/sometimes oily hair, I find these types of shampoos to be moisturizing without weighing my hair down. I have tried the Hydrate Shampoo before from a sample and found this to be just okay. It made my hair soft but it was a bit too hydrating since my hair felt weighed down a day after. This is great for those with actually dry hair.

The EverStrong Reconstruct Shampoo is meant for Frizzy, Dry hair. Again, I don't have dry hair but...

I do have some flyaways and frizz. I used this after my morning workout and my hair is feeling really good. It's moisturizing enough and has tamed my flyaways. I definitely prefer this one over the Hydrate Shampoo. Both shampoos though have strong Eucalyptus scents so it's invigorating when you use in the shower. They actually contain Rosemary Juniper. :)

(Disclaimer: I received this product www.freebeautyevents.com to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)
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Mount Romance Shea Butter in Sandalwood from NYC PrettyCity

From the NYC PrettyCity & Sothy's Spa event in February, attendees received a jar of Mount Romance's Shea Butter in Essence of Australian Sandalwood. (Follow them @MtRomanceUSA) Moisturizing body butters are my favorite when you really want to heal dry skin. My legs, parched from the winter season and sometimes neglect, was dying to get slathered in rich body butter, so this was such a treat to receive in my goody bag! Formulated with pure Australian Sandalwood Oil, the Shea butter not only hydrated my skin and but also very calming to the scent. The Australian company, Mount Romance, is largest producer of Australian Sandalwood Oil and is even distributing this oil & products to the States.

Learn more about them here at: http://mtromanceusa.com/mtromance/

See the rest of my PrettyCity & Sothy's event goody bag!

Check out my goody back here: http://igknowidea.blogspot.com/2011/02/prettycity-sothys-event-goodie-bag.html

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

NYC Shecky's Girls Night Out - Spring 2011 Recap

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have heard a bit of my initial thoughts on the Shecky's Girls Night Out in NYC this year. This is the first time I have gone to Shecky's GNO twice during the same week. They are usually in town for 3-4 days so I went to the first night and then again on the last night because I won a twitter contest from AriZona Beverages. (THANK YOU & follow @AriZonaBeverage if you haven't already!!) They were a sponsor at Friday night's event, giving out their Rescue Water to all attendees.

The Crowd

la.venue where all the Shecky's fun took place

This year, Shecky's promised their Girls Night Out events to be bigger & better than ever before mostly because of people's complaints. What were their comments? Mainly we wanted better vendors and better goodie bags (no more same old products that show up in every single bag.) It gets pretty boring after seeing Goody hairties, Febreeze home scents, flosspicks every single time b/c quite frankly, we probably already have 5-10 already in our homes. I have attended GNO's since 2008 or even earlier when the appeal was still fresh. And certainly the bags back then touted more full-sized products than today. But in the past year, it really has felt like the same. I recognize the same jewelry vendors every time and I feel like I'm getting the same bag.. if in my case, you will get HALF the contents.. Continue reading to see why..

So did SHECKY'S really deliver the changes that they promised for this Spring's GNO?

Yes AND No. Why?

Cointeau Mixology Class

Oasis Day Spa sign

Makeovers courtesy of Maybelline

Yes- Overall, Shecky's events are fun and a good deal- for $15-$30 tickets, you get admission, goodie bag that has lots of great products, and free drinks! This year, there were a lot more drink vendors from with wine tasting to a Cointreau mixology class (rather than the Budweiser sponsored food tasting), and other drinks. They also provided a luxury shuttle bus from the location (located on 11th Avenue to 8th Ave. where the trains are.) That is by far the best perk, because you don't want to be walking tipsy for those 3-4+ looong blocks home. I also liked the fact that they brought back the opportunity to get manis & massages, courtesy of Oasis Day Spa. I was lucky and only waited half an hour to get my 10 minute back massage. :) That was by far the BEST part of my night- and finally going back to its roots! Although there was only 4 stations (2 manis, 1 massage & 1 hand massage), they really need to bring more of these services because 4 stations & a gazillion ladies.. that's clearly a sign of poor planning and/or low budget.

Shecky's bags..Want to get your own goodie bag? Register at sheckys.com!

Here's my goodie bag after my exchange. Otherwise I would not have gotten the book,drink, hair ties, chocolate, deodorant, one less pack of den-tek floss, etc.. you get the idea :)

No- Now, for a few negs. that I have to bring up... my goodie bag. (See 2008 & 2009 goodie bags here.) I was first given a goodie bag that literally contained HALF the contents that all other attendees got. It was half the weight and I didn't get anything new at all. I saw the Febreeze, Popchips, a Suave bodywash, and thought to myself- "This is the new and improved bag?" Especially since Shecky's said there were going to be changes, I was wondering why I got jipped. So while in line to get my massage and seeing the girls next to me get a whole ton more than I did, I went to exchange my bag after my massage. The guy who was handing out the bags told me it was the luck of the draw but since he was super nice about this, he exchanged my bag. I hope he doesn't get fired for this, but clearly a half-filled bag is the fulfillment people's fault. :) (OH- and I've done this exchange before b/c of a dingy bag so I must have quite the luck.) My NEW goodie bag contents didn't really POP but it was quite full so I am content now. (The best goodie bag was from Spring 2010.. see here.) The shopping vendors overall wasn't that spectacular as well.. I wanted more jewelry and more unique products, but I didn't see a lot of them.

YES/NO- But I did have my favorites from the night, including
AriZona Beverages and Dickinson's Witch Hazel,who were both giving out samples of their products. My favorite Rescue Water flavor is Energy in Lemon/Lime and by the end of the night, I was energized and ready to battle the crowds and heat.. some rooms were really hot with all the people in there. What better way to combat the sweat than getting refreshed with samples of Dickinson's Witch Hazel. They were giving out towelettes in individual sized packettes, and mini bottles to take home! Shecky's really need to bring more sponsors with giveaways because there were lots of people checking them out.

IMPROVEMENTS- One more thing- there needed to be FOOD vendors. It looked like people were starving b/c I saw some ladies eating their Popchips from their goodie bag and still looking hungry.. :(
No food + lots of drinks = You know what that means..

So, what does this mean? Will I be going again? Of course- like I said it's a great deal but I am looking forward to real change next time (or at least in the near future)!! But I am intrigued to learn what the other GNOs at other cities are like! Attendees at the event were able to purchase tickets for the Summer Night Out event in NYC and sign up for Girlfriend Deals, debuting on April 1.

If you're reading this, that means you made it to the end and read all my candid likes/dislikes on the event. I sincerely hope Shecky's & Claudia Chan, the CEO and a great role model, read this to help improve their events. Shecky's is no doubt getting larger and expanding quickly but its events that ties them to what Shecky's is all about needs to keep its quality!!

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Spring Break Accessories - What to bring?

Spring and spring break is literally just around the corner, so it's best to be prepared! There are always a few essentials that I bring with me on a spring break trip including accessories and gadgets!

Here are some of my recommendations:
1) Shades- especially if you're going somewhere sunny and warm! Gotta protect those peepers of yours and why not with these affordable, turquoise-shelled shades?

(Source: Forever21.com, $5.80)

2) Scarves- are my favorite way to make every outfit look unique. They're also good in case it gets a bit chilly in the evenings by the beach ;) Here are two bright colored options from Lindsay Phillips:

I like scarves that are lightweight and versatile so I can wear them in different ways. The Palmetto Scarf is a 40" square in a polka dot pattern that I can fold it into my clutch. It was sent to me for review consideration and absolutely love how soft and lightweight that it feels.

(Left to right; Source: Lindsay Phillips Surfside Scarf in Beet Pink, $25 & Lindsay Phillips Palmetto Scarf in Blue Bird, $25 at www.lindsay-phillips.com)

See more here..
3) Totes: You need a large tote to carry all your beach necessities! This cute tote comes with a matching towel so you already know what you're sunbathing on at the beach. That's one less thing to worry about!

(Source: Belle Isle tote in Black & white by Lindsay Phillips, $59)

4) Water bottles: Stay hydrated with these reusable water bottles from Lolita. These Stainless Steel Canteens come in 3 different fun designs- bikinis, flipflops and sunglasses. Each canteen can carry up to .25 oz of water and comes with a special charm. :)

(Source: The Lolita Store, $21.95)

(Disclaimer: I received the palmettoo scraf from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

IMATS New York - April 9 - 10, 2011

*Photo courtesy of Make-Up Artist magazine.

For the first time ever, IMATS is coming to New York City! IMATS, International Makeup Artist Trade Show, produced by Make-Up Artist magazine, features your favorite makeup brands who will be on site to demos their products and selling them at great insider prices! Don't forget there are educational classes on makeup trends (see schedule here) on both days of the show. I'm personally excited to learn about the Spring Cleaning Your Kit seminar.. which I need to do like, right now..

Taking place at 82 Mercer St. in Soho, New York, the IMATS New York in April will be an incredible show that you won't want to miss!

This will be the second makeup trade show that I will be attending this season and I'm excited to go. Hoping for great weather and meeting up with my fave beauty bloggers again. I'm also excited to check out Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, Jesse's Girl, Stila, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and more. :D Hope to see you there!

Get your tickets to IMATS today! 2 day ticket- $65, 1 day ticket- $30.

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Sally Hansen Pro Manicure Nail Polishes

If you remember my posts from the end of last year, I featured the Sally Hansen Pro Manicure Nail Polish- Tracy Reese Collection as well as some Holiday colors. Back then, I couldn't find them anywhere but they have finally shown up at drugstores near me! Although it's no longer the right season, there are some great colours in these collections that are rather timeless.. loving the neutrals and shimmeries for special occasions!

What's New from Sally Hansen?
Stay tuned for my review on the NEW Sally Hansen Real Nail Color Strips.. :D

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

EOS Lip balm & Shaving Cream review

This Spring screams BRIGHT and what better way to do so than with EOS's lip balm in Summer Fruit! I have heard so many other bloggers and vloggers rave about EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, products so I had to try this. Picked this up at my local drugstore recently and I couldn't resist this bright red/orange egg-shaped lip balm. Easy to use and moisturizes your lips really well. Its 100% natural formula with shea butter and jojoba oil. and yummy scent makes you want to keep slathering it on all day.. if only I could eat this too!

EOS shaving cream
I have heard of EOS before actually, thanks to Meg's Makeup. I received samples of their shaving cream in Pomegranate Rapsberryto try in my Fab Gift points packages. (Get FREE makeup! Learn how here.) I found the cream to also moisturizing (contains natural aloe and shea butter) and left my legs incredibly smooth afterward. I haven't been able to find this in my stores until recently and now they have a great deal which includes a FREE Bic Soleil razor with every EOS shaving cream bottle. Sweet deal!

There are also EOS hand lotions and body lotions that I really want to try out but I haven't seen them at my local drugstore yet. They do have these available on their online store though. Check out: http://store.evolutionofsmooth.com/ for a complete list of their products. The lip balms in an egg-shape or stick packaging are $3.29 and their lotions are $4-$8.

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Spring's Best New Lip Products

Spring's Best New Lip Products

These balms, lipsticks and exfoliators do much more than add a little color to your face

Spring's Best New Lip Products

This is a TotalBeauty.com lip makeup article

Have you noticed that the birds are chirping again? You know what that means … spring is nearly here. That's why we're offering up a must-buy list of the season's best lip products that will exfoliate, soothe and add color for the warmer, cheery days ahead.

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