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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr.young's Beauty Products Review at The Plaza Beauty

At the end of January, I got to meet & greet and learn more about Dr.young skincare products at The Plaza Beauty, located in the lower level of The Plaza Hotel in NYC. An Asian beauty brand, Dr.young's products are formulated to make your skin look younger look so it actually stays young. For the past two months, I have incorporated several of their products into my skincare routine, including their new Sugar and Cereal Facial Scrub. :)

1) Camellia Deep Cleansing Oil ($65, Anti-Dryness collection)- One of two cleansers, this is the oil-based formula that is extremely gentle and surprisingly working well for my oily skin. It contains 98% botanical oil, so with no harsh ingredients and absolutely no mineral oil in here, it removes any facial makeup and residue to leave my face feeling soft and clean.

(Dr.young's Sprinkling Gel Cream & BB Cream)

See more products here..

2) Sprinkling Gel Cream ($70, Anti-Dryness collection)- This is an oil-free moisturizer that I use after cleansing and is formulated to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Why? It contains cactus extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract to provide the moisture and locks it in. On days that I didn't use this, I felt a difference in my skin- saw dry patches. When I did use this, my skin looked smoother and didn't feel super tight.

3) B.B. Blemish Base SPF35 PA++ ($35, Protect/Prevent collection)- This is the first BB cream that I have tried and they're basically a concealer with SPF in it. This is incredibly moisturizing & lightweight. Its color is made for light-to-medium skintones, so it was a perfect match for my skin. Although this is "SPF" and I avoid those at all cost b/c of my sensitive skin, this contained titanium dioxide only, so I was fine. :)

4) Sugar and Cereal Facial Scrub ($45, Anti-Dryness collection)- This gentle facial scrub was non-abrasive and left my skin looking brighter. I'm not exactly sure why, but I felt like it "whitened" my skin or left some kind of whitener behind.. My skin is already pretty light, so to see this, was a bit strange, no? Overall, I did like that the scrub itself had lots of sugar in it, so you felt like every inch of your face was being exfoliated. (Note: this contains mung beans, black soybean, oats, coffee bean powders.)

There's also an Anti-Blemish line to heal your blemishes and an Anti-Pore line too!

See more Dr.young at The Plaza Beauty in New York City!

(Disclaimer: I received samples of this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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