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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bliss Products at the W Hotel

Ahh, Bliss! Get Bliss-ful at the W Hotel with their toiletries from Bliss Spa in the Lemon & Sage scent (one of my absolute favorites b/c of its pleasant citrus-y scent). You can get squeaky clean when you try their soap, shampoo, conditioner, body butter and body wash! (Also face wash which I didn't take home)

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My review..

The soap is one of the first products I have tried from Bliss over 6 years ago. I like how it has little bumps at the end which acts as a massager. The shampoo/conditioner combo left my hair smelling fab. The body butter is also very moisturizing after using the body wash to get sudsy clean. Overall, you can't go wrong with a lot of their products from Bliss. Smells delicious and if you're a fan, I recommend the Body Butter b/c you can keep applying to smell it all day long.

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Unknown said...

That's pretty cool that this hotel provides toiletries from a known brand - I think people will definitely be stealing the soaps and shampoos if they stay there overnight LOL

two birds said...

that's a good enough reason in my book to take a weekend at the W!

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