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Sunday, March 06, 2011

NYC PrettyCity & JAFRA Color Makeup Launch- Recap

Last Thursday, NYC PrettyCity gals celebrated the new color makeup collection of JAFRA USA at Marquee. Gals were getting makeovers with JAFRA makeup artists, nail polish changes, dry styling and snacking on artichoke pizza and cupcakes! (yum, yum!) The overall ambiance was great- lots of people were mingling and enjoying themselves. I too had a good time- got my hair curled and played with JAFRA products. :)

Check out more pictures for yourself...

These were delicious cupcakes by the way!!

JAFRA foundation- didn't try these but there are plenty of shades to choose from.

Eyeshadows galore! Singles & trios- We got a trio eyeshadow in our goodie bags too.

The dessert table- jelly beans and Rock candy (not shown) along with JAFRA makeup in the back as decoration. However by the end of the night, people were taking them the makeup and they were all gone.

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