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Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Starbucks Iced Coffee on Wednesday!

It's summerrr and what better way to celebrate than with free iced brewed coffee from Starbucks?

You'll have to have one of these cards to redeem your free drink though, which are easy to get if you buy something small there and ask for one. Or if you already have one, you can ask for another for your next week's drink.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

30+ Must-Have Updated Firefox 3 Extensions

We’ve put together a list of 30+ must-have Firefox 3 extensions that we know you’ll enjoy, whether you’ve upgraded to Firefox 3 and are looking for something new to add to your browser, or have yet to make the upgrade and are looking for a reason.

We cover everything from useful tools to social bookmarking and more. Let us know which extensions are your favorites.

ColorfulTabs - Having too many tabs open can lead to a lot of confusion, but this extension will assign your tabs different colors so you can tell them apart easier.

Adblock Plus - The popular, yet controversial extension has been updated to work with the latest version of the browser, and it’s still doing what it does best: blocking ads.

ChatZilla - Add an IRC client to your browser so you can chat in it directly without having to open any other applications.

ColorZilla - An extremely handy tool for Web developers to let them see the RGB and Hex values of any color on a Web page.

Del.icio.us Toolbar - Quickly add bookmarks to your Del.icio.us account, edit tags and access your account.

Digg - Lets you know if the page you are viewing has been dugg, how many it has received, recent comments and more.

DownThemAll - A popular extension that assists you in downloading multiple files from a page with just a few clicks.

Facebook Toolbar - Gives you notifications of new mail and pokes on your Facebook account.

Firebug - A mainstay of the developer community, Firebug strips down Web pages quickly and lets you work on JAVA, HTML, CSS and more, directly inside the browser.

FireGestures - Use five different mouse gestures to control various functions of Firefox.

Flagfox - See a flag in the status bar that tells you what country the server is in for the website you are on. You can then look up more detailed information on the server, giving you some extra security in case the site is a fake.

FlashBlock - Annoyed with Flash animations that play on sites when you launch them? FlashBlock will stop them from playing.

Foxmarks - Have more than one computer? Then you have to have Foxmarks. It synchronizes your bookmarks across multiple computers and gives you access to them via their website.

FoxyTunes - Gives you control over multiple media players directly from your browsers to save you the effort of changing windows.

Forecastfox - Weather forecasts brought to you by the people at AccuWeather.com.

Google Toolbar - Gives you the ability to search Google from a toolbar, access to your mail, auto fill forms and several other features.

Greasemonkey - Greasemonkey is the necessary extension to run the ceaseless stream of Greasmonkey scripts that allow you to customize sites from Facebook to Gmail.

GSpace - Gmail gives you nearly 7 GB of free storage. With Gspace, you can turn some or all of that into free online storage of files that you can access from anywhere.

IETab - Sometimes you just have to look at some things in Internet Explorer due to coding issues. Well, using a tab inside of Firefox is a far sight better than having to open up IE itself.

MeasureIt - An extension perfect for designers that allows you to measure the dimensions of any section of a page to figure out how much real-estate it is occupying.

Meebo - Gives you a sidebar with all of your buddies from the various instant messenger services that Meebo supports such as AIM and MSN.

NoScript - An important extension in your security arsenal as it prevents scripts from running in the background of a website without your express permission.

QuickRestart - One of the most annoying things about adding a new extenstion to Firefox is the down time while it restarts the browser to work properly. This extension speeds up the process.

Reload Every - Allows you to set your tabs to reload every few seconds or minutes, handy for sites like Twitter.

Sage-Too - A lightweight RSS reader you can integrate into your browser.

StumbleUpon Toolbar - Allows you to stumble pages from a convenient toolbar, add comments, view what has been said and more.

TwitterFox - A Twitter client that resides down in your status bar.

Update Notifier - You’ve been adding all these extensions, but it’s easy to forget to check to see when they’ve been updated. This puts the notifications out front where it’s easy to keep track of them.

Video DownloadHelper - Assists you in finding and downloading videos from over 500 websites all over the world.

WebMail Notifier - Get notifications of new email in your status bar for services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and more.


Cute Kittens Galore!

More cute kitten pictures: Thanks to pusscats.com, a great resource on cats.

Did you know that cats with white fur and skin on their ears are prone to sunburn? Just like me :)

I wonder what this kitten is looking at..

What newspaper is this kitten reading??

Who wouldn't want to sleep like this kitty here? If only I had a hammock..

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cute dog?

To take a break from my usual kitten/cat youtube videos.. Here's a dog one from the sugar blog :) One of my favorites by the way.

I would have found this one cuter if there wasn't a guy holding the dog and if they didn't have those annoying captions.. What do you think?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 4

The Actual Wedding Ceremony!!!
Finally huh? First up, the Tahoe community church at 1pm,.. but where was everyone??

(outside the church)

(waiting for the people in the party to come out)

(still waiting.. someone is peeking outside the door)

(it starts!! here's a flower girl)

(saying their vows)

(my gorgeous shoe)

(handicap parking sign right outside the church!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 3

The Hotel! (www.ridgetahoe.com)

Stayed at the Ridge Tahoe:
Likes: *good view when you're traveling there
* cute quaint area
* close to casinos/downtown area

Dislikes: *No shampoo, only soap?!?!
* NO A/C.. only fans
* Area is too dry for me..and it's too sunny. Got another burn :) on my elbow though so no biggy.

My room, a deluxe hotel room, looked similar to this:

which features:
* King-sized Bed
* Mini-refrigerator, Coffee Maker, Microwave Oven
* Small Sitting Area
* TV and VCR/DVD
* Sleeps 1-2 People

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 2

Travel to Lake Tahoe!! It was no easy feat to get there..

Took the Virgin America airlines to LAX early morning, and guess who was on my flight?
None other than the Hilton heiress :) Yes, that's right. PARIS HILTON!
SHe had two security guards with her, and unfortunately I did not have time to take any pictures =( She wore a bright pink hoodie and sweat bottoms too. She sat in first class , while her security guards sat in the third row of the main cabin. She had a few magazines, including NYLON :)

We have the same taste.

Proof she was in NYC thurs night:
She was out with Benji on Thurs night.

Proof she was in LA by Monday: She has a party in Hollywood.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 1

On a beautiful sunny weekend, a trip out to Lake Tahoe was made for a friend's wedding. Traveling there will give you gorgeous mountainous views! Stayed at the Ridge, it was nice and quaint, but the only negative about it, was there was NO SHAMPOO!!

Take a look at these pictures: It's beautiful during the summer. There weren't a lot of people there which was good but it is best to travel when it is not raining. Driving up the mountain can be dangerous especially if you're a first-timer!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wedding cakes!

Cakes in a wedding are usually the part that no one remembers b/c it's right after a meal that's half eatten and they usually serve it to you when you're on the dance floor. But if I went to a wedding that served this, I'ld make sure I get a piece of this!

Awesome wedding cakee! wiiii mariooo!

Uhoh, that doesn't look like Princess Peach? Did Mario marry the wrong gal? :)


*Currently at a friend's wedding now* :)

Another sour baby!

This one is even cuter!! The look on this baby's face is so delightful.. which reminds me why I love to eat lemons too!

Stay tuned for more cat videos!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sour baby

To change things up a little from cat/kitten videos, I found this cute one of a baby having her first taste of a lemon !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Learn Origami with Folding Trees


Interested in learning how to fold beautiful crafts with paper? Then check out this site to create all sorts of things, including this Hermes Kelly Bag!

Learn to make lilies, lucky stars, and lots more at Folding Trees

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

99 cents jackets!

found some sporty jackets (sports teams) for only 99cents!!! great gag gifts for your bro, dad, bf, or even yourself!

Very old-school looking, but it's a great deal! So go buy yourself one, two or more!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Shecky's Girls Night Out is an annual must go-to event!

Shop up to 100 emerging designers - all on sale!
Sip delicious cocktails & refreshments at our 5-hour complimentary bars
Sample fabulous products & services from our sponsors
Score great swag in Shecky's Deluxe Goodie Bag

Comment if you're interested in going with me on Wednesday June 25!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Solstice Yoga in Times Square

It's time to celebrate the start of the summer with Solstice Yoga in Times Square, New York City!
How? By waking up early in the morning and reserving your spot in the center of New York City. It's a yoga-fest so you will be healthy and happy by the end of the day :)

REASONS to go:
1) Participants will also receive free SOYJOY eco-friendly bags filled with gifts from SOYJOY, Snapple Antioxidant Water, Yoga Journal, Danskin, Body Shop and coupons from yoga studios located throughout the New York City area. The first 300 arrivals will also receive a free Danskin Yoga Mat.
2) health

You can still register here but it looks like the only time slot left is at 3-4pm or 5-6pm.

SCHEDULE for the open classes left:
3PM - 4PM (JUST ADDED! Open to All Levels)

Learn the traditional Hatha Yoga postures in a given sequence allowing you to stretch and strengthen your body to maximize your real potential. You will learn how to revitalize your yoga practice using the same sequence on a daily basis. We will continue to expand our awareness of breathing throughout the session and end the session with a brief meditation.

INSTRUCTOR: Nishit Patel

5PM - 6:15PM (Open to All Levels)

If you are looking for a more energetic and athletic yoga experience, oflow yoga is the perfect high-intensity vinyasa flow for you. The dynamic sequences combine power with creativity and core conditioning with energy work to get your body moving. Fueled by sexy, body-rocking music, oflow will conquer mind over madness in the middle of Times Square.

INSTRUCTOR: Joschi Schwarz

All pictures/information courtesy of TimesSquareNYC.org

King Kong Kitty

Teach your cat tricks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Adorable Sleeping Kitty

How long does it take for you to fall asleep? About 15 minutes? How long does it take for this kitty to fall asleep? Watch and find out! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sports Team Jackets for You or Your Father!

Do you have a favorite sports team? What better way to show off your team pride than to wear a sports team jacket? Found some good ones on Ebay!!
These jackets are new and affordable! And will make great late Father's Day Presents!




Gray Garfield is a STAR!

Could this be the Gray Garfield starring in his own commercial? Found this adorable commerical starring Boris on YouTube!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What stops a kitten fight?

These two adorable kittens are fighting but watch this video for a suprise! I didn't see this one coming, did you?

Friday, June 13, 2008

New York Fresh Ink Sample Sale


So I went to the FRESHiNK Sample Sale in NYC in May, 2008. FRESHiNK has got some cool designs and I was so lucky that I had free time in between classes to check it out! My AWESOME finds: Three Jeans and 2 Jean Jackets

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Could this be a gray version of Garfield?

I found this youtube.com video of a really biggg cat. It's gray and apparently it was found because it was trying to steal food in someone's garage and it got stuck in the doggie door. Enjoy!

Note to cat owners: Have a bigger door!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

not that cute of a kitten

Found this on youtube.com, the world's angriest cat. I have never seen a cat this angry before with its fangs out. Incredibly scary, if you ask me.

If you can't see it, please go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0omjqLTZGU

Here's another cute youtube video of a much more pleasant kitty to look at:

Monday, June 09, 2008

So Green Yogurt


If you don't like pinkberry nor red mango, then you've got to try So Green Yogurt. It's another yogurt place, which started out in San Francisco and will soon be in Hoboken, NJ.

If you're into having a light refreshing treat, since the weather is extreemely hot nowadays, then you deserve a break. Yogurt is high in calcium and protein, which are just added bonuses to its delicious flavor! (of course the flavor comes from the fresh fruit toppings)


Kid Robot's New Collection

Kid Robot, known for its collectible art toys, including the Munny, is debuting the Debilz mini series on June 12.

One of my favorite collections is the Dunny: French series. My favorite in the series is the one who wears the shirt: "Love me, I'm French!"
Check it out at www.kidrobot.com

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Treats

There was a heat wave in the East Coast this past weekend. As I sat in an air-conditioned Starbucks, I thought about the wonderful desserts I could make to cool myself off. I thought about ice cream, one of my favorite summer treats, and having an ice-cream bar. I found this easy to do ice-cream bar recipe on the Williams-Sonoma site, which by the way, has tons more delicious recipes.

Bon Appetit! Check out www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/

Cute Kittens

Cute kittens galore!
If only I wasn't allergic to little things that moved.. I would have one as a pet.

Indie Film: Take out

I saw the new, indie film called "Take Out" this weekend. It was a compelling movie that captured a single day's life of an illegal immigrant, with dashes of humorous dialogue between the restaurant owners and its customers.

Now playing in the Quad Cinema in Union Square, NYC.
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