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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lake Tahoe Wedding- Part 2

Travel to Lake Tahoe!! It was no easy feat to get there..

Took the Virgin America airlines to LAX early morning, and guess who was on my flight?
None other than the Hilton heiress :) Yes, that's right. PARIS HILTON!
SHe had two security guards with her, and unfortunately I did not have time to take any pictures =( She wore a bright pink hoodie and sweat bottoms too. She sat in first class , while her security guards sat in the third row of the main cabin. She had a few magazines, including NYLON :)

We have the same taste.

Proof she was in NYC thurs night:
She was out with Benji on Thurs night.

Proof she was in LA by Monday: She has a party in Hollywood.


1 comment:

Cheng said...

hahaa...oh man. does she look as ditzy in person as she does in pics? was she wearing sunglasses? iiinteresting "celeb" sighting ;-) and she's too cheap to get her bodyguards first class seats!! but at least she's taking commercial flights and not private jets.

how was virgin america? are they cheap? i've never flown with them before.

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