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Saturday, May 01, 2010

L'Oreal's Passport to Paradise

I went to my local drugstore this week and I immediately noticed L'Oreal's Passport to Paradise Summer Collection. I mostly recognized it because all the products were still there. (Don't you hate it when you see new a new collection but it's already been ransacked?) Well, I was gazing at the nail polishes and glanced over the unnecessary bronzer/lipcolors for me. They also had two eyeshadow quad sets, but the colours were nothing special to me. The combination of the blues/sea greens and gold were pretty though, but I already have them separately.

So back to the nail polishes.. there are three (from left to right): Water's Edge (the sea-green color), High Tide (light blue with grey sparkles) and Ocean Breeze (literally like a beautiful blue ocean). I went home that night to read reviews and see color swatches. I went back to the store the next day, and unfortunately the Water's Edge (the one I liked the most) was no longer available.

This limited edition is available at select drugstores near you. I think I'll be going back to pick up the rest of the colors.

What do you think of the collection?

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