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Friday, June 11, 2010

Everyday Minerals- Colllections Spring/Summer

In the past couple of months, Everyday Minerals have come out with several collections (ie: value sets, assortment of their products in a gift set). There are several that I have come close to getting, but I turn around to see so many products sitting on my vanity that I still need to use and I don't check out. :(

Even though EDM is very different than where it was a year ago, there is still something about it that makes me want to check out what new products they have! They all contain at least 10 items for about $34 (except for the Utopia Blooms which is $29) so everything is a great deal.

The Josh Flagg Million Dollar Makeup Kit (PROS: new eye shadow colours- all in FULL SIZE CONS: Don't like the All-smiles blush and not sure about all the shadow colors)

Utopia Blooms- 25 Eyeshadow Kit (PROS: 25 different samples of eye shadows CONS: I have about half of them already)

On The Reef, Coral Collection- (PROS: I don't have any of the colours and they contain great neutral shades CONS: none :) )

Naked Natural Collection- (PROS: Contains their new blush/bronze combo CONS: Have some of the colors already)

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