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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Need emergency sandals? Try Slip 'N Toss!

Do you get tired of wearing your heels after a long night out? Or need an alternative to keep your feet clean when you can't wear your shoes? Or want to keep your feet free from bacteria when walking in the hotel room?

If you're in any of these similar situations, then try Slip 'N Toss- your solution to keeping your feet clean when you're not able to wear your own shoes. (Learn more about other uses of Slip 'N Toss here.) I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO Yadi Moth, who enthusiastically told me about how the invention of Slip 'N Toss came about. (Read the story here.) It's such a brilliant idea and one of the most useful things out there!

slip 'n toss
True to its name, you literally slip into these thin sandals and after they wear down, you can just toss them away. The great thing about these sandals is that they are 100% biodegradeable! They come in 3 different colors- brown, black and white and 3 sizes- small, medium, large.

They're convenient and easy to pack; they come tri-fold in a plastic zip-lock bag. These last depending on how long you wear them.. if it's for hours on end, then they probably won't last too long. But I've used them about 5 times already and they're in great condition! (At airports, hotels, etc.!)

My review: Slip 'N Toss is something you will always want in your purse. I remember countless times at weddings, night outs when my feet were aching and instead of walking barefoot, I could've had my feet in these emergency sandals! (If only these were made sooner!) I definitely like the convenience of the sandals and they truly are a life-saver for my feet when I don't want to carry extra shoes around. Thank you Yadi for letting me try Slip 'N Toss! :)

Learn more about Slip 'N Toss at www.slipntoss.com !

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)
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