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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tide to Go Mini - Sneak Peek of Wedding Salon goodie bag!

Hidden at the very bottom of my Wedding Salon goodie bag was the Tide to Go Mini. This miniature version of their Tide to Go stain remover stick is perfect for stowing away in a bride/bridesmaid's purse or clutch for the big day. It's a bridal must- just in case an appetizer lands on your gorgeous white dress.

This 3-inch stick is a miracle worker for the clumsy! I tested it on a few oops stains that I could think of- spaghetti sauce, jelly, and even a splash of white wine. After removing excess residue, and leaving the bare stain on the fabric (an old t-shirt, might I add) I gently pressed the tip for the magic to happen. In the case of the spaghetti sauce, I pressed the tip for the solution to come out a bit longer since the stain was a bit more drastic than the other times. Overall, it worked really well and I'm glad I now have this in my purse!

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Learn more about Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover at www.tide.com !

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