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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

IMATS New York Recap

For the first time ever, IMATS- the International Makeup Artist Trade Show was in New York! It happened this past weekend in Soho and drew quite a crowd. I fortunately "beat" the crowd by going later in the afternoon, but was still pretty packed. Saw a few of my favorite brands though, including Stila & Naked Cosmetics. There were 3 rooms and it was actually pretty quick to go through and browse the exhibitors.. I'm hoping there will be lots more next year! Enjoy the pictures!

IMATS is produced by the Make-Up Artist magazine

The crowd in general (Eve Pearl is in the background)
Naked Skin Cream

Here's the crowd for INGLOT!! Amazing..

Cover FX and Naime

See more exclusive pictures from IMATS New York!

All the products for TEMPTU Pro- great stuff for makeup artists.

Another view of the INGLOT booth... tried to get a better pic of the banner.

STILA products!! All their lip glazes, cheek colours and eyeshadows!

Here is YABY! I wasn't too familiar with their products but I loved their brightly colored palettes for eyeshadows.. can you say gorgeous!? :)

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Ahleessa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and following! :) How fun. I went to IMATS 2 summer ago here in Cali and excited to attend the next one.

Cynthia said...

Wow it's so packed. Hopefully next year I'll check it out. Did you get any good deals on makeups that you wanted?

** Beauty and All That said...

@Ahleessa- The IMATS in LA should be fun!! Have a great time there!

@Peonyinlove- It wasn't too crowded, I just took pics near the tables where there was one. :) I actually did not pick up anything there but there were some good discounts- such as 20-40% off.

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