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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Caudalie Skincare products for the Summer

Love wine? I'm sure you'll love the benefits of the grapes and its skin even more once you learn that Caudalie skincare products are created using polyphenols from grapes and the vine. (Bonus! antioxidants within the vine & grapes are absorbed into your skin!) I was recently contacted by Caudalie to try some of their products in which they generously sent me a few for my skin type- combo/oily! I've only seen and heard of Caudalie before so I was intrigued! (Have you seen the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at the Beauty Plaza? :D)

Did I mention that their products don't contain parabens, mineral oils and artificial colorings? More reviews here! The packaging of the products are also great b/c it lists instructions inside so it's really using the entire box to give you more information! (ie. how to apply and where to apply on your face)

Here are my impressions of a few Caudalie products:
(ranging in no particular order, they're all fab to use!)

1) Eau de Beaute aka Beauty Elixir- This beauty potion is literally a pick-me-up refreshing spray that I use throughout the day when I feel I have an additional layer of oil.. (I personally like to spray on a cotton pad and then swipe on my face.) My skin instantly feels cleaner and also smoother. The scent also smells really good (it's citrus!) and also contains a rosemary and peppermint oil!

2) VINOPURE Purifying Mask- This clarifying mask is meant to for those with combination skin & slight blemishes. What I like best about this creamy white mask is that it instantly absorbs into your skin so you're not left with a thick mask just sitting on top of your skin. It contains grape seed oil which helps makes the mask application feel so smooth. It also contains kaolin to help absorb the sebum on your skin. My skin feel so great after each use and a must-have for my summer skincare routine.

3) VINOPURE Matte Finish Liquid- I got a sample of this (perfect size to carry in my bag) and use this in the mornings. I would say it lasts about a few hours before my t-zone acts up again. I particularly like using this after my Beauty Elixir!

4) VINOPERFERFECT Radiance Serum- This anti-oxidant serum with extracts from the grapevine stalks is intended to give you smoother, brighter-looking skin. My skin has felt smoother after application (in fact my skin has felt a lot better since incorporating Caudalie into my skincare routine) and two drops of this serum is all I need for my entire face. I have some unevenness in my skin- somewhat blotchy cheeks so it helps even it out.

5) VINOSOURCE Quenching Sorbet-Creme- In this hot weather, the last thing I would think of is putting a moisturize on my skin. However, this is really what I need to help my skin control its oilies. This super light moisturizer hydrates my skin, so this prevents the sun from zapping out the moisture which would lead to my skin producing even more oil. Bottom line- it is key to moisturize even in the summer! (Use this after the matte finish liquid..)

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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