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Saturday, February 11, 2012

ShaToBu Body Shapewear- Get Fit™ Tights

Can you believe it's already mid-February? I feel like 2012 just began, don't you? I've been diligently working on my fitness goal this year- attending weekly yoga classes at a studio as well as keeping up with at-home yoga sessions (and adding in some strength exercises too!) While I feel great during my workouts, during the day I feel I need that extra oomph. That's where ShaToBu comes into my life...

These amazing shaping and toning tights are perfect to wear while sporting a cute tweed skirt or even underneath my pants when it's reaaally cold out. There are several kinds of tights that ShaToBu offers, but the I one I got to try was their High Waist Get Fit Tight. Personally this would be my preference- high waist- so it can really smooth out your stomach. The Get Fit Tights overall have muscle toning resistance bands around the top and thigh areas so every time you're moving and walking, your body works a bit harder. (Hence, using those resistance bands in strength workouts really help!) :)

If you're not used to wearing to tights, then these will probably be uncomfortable for you at first. But after a few more wears, you'll get used to the microfiber tights to help you get that smooth shape! Check out MORE ShaToBu body shapewear products here.

If you're already wearing some other kind of Body Shapewear already, I would recommend trying a pair to see the difference that the resistance bands make. Don't expect to wear these as a substitute for a real strength training workout, but you'll notice that with consistent movement these ShaToBu tights will help you feel more of a burn. :)
(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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