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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dating Rules From My Future Self Starring Shiri Appleby

Dating Rules From My Future Self, is a web series on YouTube that I found out about in the beginning of February. Featuring one of my fave actresses Shiri Appleby (think WB's Roswell), the show is about her future self giving her current self dating advice via texts. Technology and dating?!? Whats not to love about this show ? I actually watched the entire series in one sitting, given that it was addictive and there were only 9 eps in total (each was roughly 9-10 minutes long).

So they had a contest and I was completely psyched that I won!!!!!! I got some goodies from Schick, Revlon & Shell but I also had the opportunity of a lifetime- a 15 minute conversation with Shiri Appleby. I was completely "star struck" over the phone but she was really nice and easy to talk to. It was so fun to talk to her about her dating tips and her view on dating today. I really appreciated that she also let the conversation go over almost half an hour and even asked me what I thought on some of the questions too.

Here are some of her tips that she shared with me:
* Her favorite "relationship" in her acting career- with Max on Roswell :)
* Recommends going to the gym to meet people
* Great date ideas? Going to an open house to learn more about himself, what he thinks, what he envisions. (Love this one!) Finding out what he likes to do helps too! Dinner and a Movie is also great because there's the opportunity to talk during dinner and then relax during the movie.
* She definitely considers herself old-fashioned and to advises you to be polite since the guy is probably more nervous!! (I agree- Politeness always helps no matter what!)

Thank you to Shiri & Alloy Entertainment for making this all happen!!
Of course, like all fans.. we wanted to know what was going to happen next with the show. And just a few days ago, they announced on their facebook page that there will be a Season 2!! Congratulations Shiri!! So excited that there's fresh, fun content online instead of having to watch it on TV. Super excited to watch it and cannot wait to see what the future Lucy (Shiri's character) has in store for current Lucy!If you haven't seen it already, check it out here:Dating Rules From My Future Self.

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