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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Give your skin a Booost with Seventh Generation!

Seventh Generation skincare products are pretty new to me. (I've only tried the Mandarin Orange cleansing wipes which I loved!) So I'm psyched to have won via Twitter one of their new BOOSTS natural skin serum made with 100% botanical oils. I chose the Clearning boost with Tea Tree Oil to help with my oily skin. Although summer is almost over, my skin still oily so need something to keep my skin at bay. 

They recommend usage as a skin serum directly on clean skin OR adding the oil in your daily cleanser or moisturizer. I personally like adding it in my cleanser since I like to use moisturizin serum during the day. However at night, I prefer to use this alone. My skin has experienced fewer bumps and whiteheads this week so I'm pleased with the results so far. Hoping this trend will continue!! :) 

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