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Thursday, November 21, 2013

KnixWear- Comfy Undies for Exercise!

I recently won the #FitFluential giveaway to win 3 pairs of KnixWear The Canadian-based company offers comfortable undies that are designed to wear everyday (KnixWear) or specifically during your workouts (FixKnix line). They also have lace patterned ones!

I was able to choose three different styles to add to my personal undergarment wardrobe, but also to compare the styles side by side. To give you some background, the KnixWear products use their Fresh Fix Technology which makes these undies incredibly seamless to avoid those unwanted panty lines, as well as moisture wicking and antimicrobial. (Sounds like pretty slick undies, if you ask me.)

The three that I chose were (from left to right) are:

1) Seamless Knix Highrise Brief in Nude color- normally I would not choose Highrise Briefs, but this looks like it would give some nice coverage! You'll notice it is longer compared to the two on the right.
2) Seamless Knix Bikini in Nude color -my go-to choice! This is the perfect fit and super comfortable too. I like the thinner band on my waist as well.
3) FitKnix Boyshorts in Nude color- This snug fit is like a shorter high-rise brief with a thicker waist band (an in between of the highrise and bikini). It is also very comfortable when working out!

Overall, I am so psyched to have discovered this new brand of underwear. Thank you FitFluential & KnixWear! These undie's comfort level are superb as I've used them with my new fitness DVDs this week (reviews coming soon!!). They are an investment though, roughly $30 a pair, so taking care of them is extremely important! (Tip: Use a separate mesh bag and wash gently with mild detergent.)

Left to right: KnixWear high waist, KnixWear bikini, FixKnix boyshort; All in Nude color, Size S.

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