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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Conscious Collections box from Teens Turning Green

When I first learned about the Teens Turning Green organization and their mission, I was so happy to see the younger generation motivated and taking action to help make their lives more "green." I was also excited to learn about their Conscious Collections box, their project to curate specially selected products that are environmentally friendly and use organic ingredients. Their monthly care package features great beauty, food and lifestyle products for about $50-$75 per box, with each box valuing at $150-$200+. This month's theme, Holidays in Green, has 8 beauty/skincare products, 3 soap products, 7 food/snacks, and 4 lifestyle products. Of course, my favorites are the beauty products and cannot wait to use these facial oils, lotions and spritz! Check out the products here!

Support Teens Turning Green and get their box today!

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