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Friday, May 16, 2014

Fresh Picks from May's Ipsy bag

My May Ipsy bag came this week with gorgeous essentials for the summer! First, sunscreen! From the brand, Jersey Shore Tans is paraben-free and is very white. I use this for my hands and feet as the sample is not a lot. Stay hydrated! The Avene water spray is perfect to keep skin literally moist and keeps it cool when it's very hot and dry out there. It's not for drinking tho! Moisturize with Pur-lisse! A product that I have seen everywhere, this light weight moisturizer is great for the summer days. This will be added into my travel bag. 

Mask-it! Hey Honey Skincare's honey mask is just what I need for a surprisingly sweet mask for my face. Last but not least, ilovePacifica! It's Pacifica Beauty's Instagram handle and I totally agree! I got a neutral eyeshadow duo to bringing natural shimmer to my eyes. The lighter shade is also good for highlighting! I could probably use the darker shade for a bit of bronzer too but I haven't tried that yet.

Ipsy this month has been a real skin treat! Can't wait for the Generation Beauty event later this month for makeup madness !

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