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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plum Organics series: Nutrition Bars, Mish Mash, Hello Morning reviews

My Plum Organics quest continues with the Reds and blues. On two separate shopping trips, I picked up the "blues"- Mighty 4 blueberry nutrition bars and Morning Mish Mash in blueberry oats and  quinoa and the "reds"- Hello morning Oatmeal in Apple, cinnamon and quinoa and again the Mighty 4 nutrition bars but in a strawberry (with spinach) flavor.

These are great for tots and also for mums to enjoy as well. With only 4-6 servings in each box, I feel like I am always stocking up on every trip I go to the market. It would be amazing to get these in BULK sizes (think: Costco!), especially the apple, cinnamon and quinoa oatmeal where I can easily eat 2-3 packets in a sitting.

The flavors are simple, delicious and wholesome! Look forward to trying some other products, including their Kids Go Bars in chocolate chip! Yum!

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