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Monday, July 13, 2009

Urban Decay - New Fall Products

Urban Decay's Fall Collection- Urban's new products are out and available for purchase on their website including new tan colors for bases, new shades for lips and new products such as a cream eyeliner and complexion/mascara primer potions.

Some items that I would like to try:

The Cream Eyeliner. Called Ink for Eyes, it looks easier to use than a liquid eyeliner while getting the same intense look. They are offering 6 different colors of their cream eyeliner, each in a palette in a long rectangular shape, the same size as the brush. The brush is inside the palette so it's easy to travel with. :)

The Mascara Primer Potion.
Perhaps good-bye to mascara running and panda eyes?

Ammo Plus Primer Set. Valued at over $50, you get a full-size Primer Potion and 10 eyeshadow shades for $39.

Check it out here @ http://www.urbandecay.com/index.cfm

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