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Monday, March 22, 2010

Degree Women Natureffects Dare to Join Forces with Nature event

Last week, I wrote about the Degree Women Natureffects event coming to town, Times Square in New York City- to be exact. It happened this morning, on March 22, and unfortunately, I was not able to make it due to my schedule but I have pictures to share from their Facebook page! (Also check out the VIDEO of the concert here.

I wish I was there to see it all happen! There definitely needs to be more "green" in the city, don't you think?

degree women natureffects
This event, Natureffects Dare to Join Forces, gave lucky attendees samples of their new products, Natureffects, new fragrant deodorants and matching body mists, similar to last year's Fragrance Collection launch. (Read review and my celebrity meeting here!)

comes in three new flavors- Honeysuckle & Tea Tree Oil, Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper, Orange Flowers & Cranberry. All have great benefits- natural deodorizing properties with enhancing fragrances so you can smell good!

Look at how amazing Mary J. Blige looks belting out tunes from her latest album!

Check out their products on Degree Women!

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