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Monday, March 08, 2010

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner

Last month, when I reported Physician Formula came out with their new Shimmer Strip collection products, I searched high and low to get my hands on these products! I knew where the Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo was (the same drugstore where I found out about these products of course!)

It was the Get Cream Liners that I couldn't find. I went to several drugstores to find it and finally found it at a local drugstore. I was inspired by the review by Nouveau Cheap who raved about the product and since I have never tried gel eyeliners before, I thought I would try it out with Physicians Formula.

So when I saw there was one LAST package for brown eyes, I knew it was meant to be. Look how gorgeous the three colors are!!! Purple really makes brown eyes pop! :)

The packaging of the gel eyeliners looks a bit off to me- too plastic-y maybe? I guess I am more used to Physicians Formula using the organic-wear packaging. So, the bulky plastic did not look attractive at all. However, since the three eyeliners do snap in place together, I can understand why it has to be box-y.

I also recently found out via Twitter that Physicians Formula had a Tweet-Up to introduce their new products to influential beauty insiders- magazines, bloggers, celebrities. They even got some goodies- lucky!!!

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