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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Facial towelettes

I'm a huge fan of facial towelettes especially when I'm traveling or on-the-go. It's a great way to de-slick the oil on my face especially during these very humid summer days...
Here are some of my go-to towelettes:

1) When traveling, use the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Towelettes. They're individually packaged in 100% witch hazel so it's a great toner to remove excess oil, sweat and dirt I've accumulated during the day. Some people may be allergic to witch hazel but even though I have really sensitive skin, this toner is surprisingly gentle. It contains all natural 100% witch hazel and control oil, refine pres, and lock in moisture. (~$5 for 20 towelettes, US)

My other picks?
2) When I'm removing face/eye makeup, I use the Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes (whew! What a long name!). (See my previous post on the Garnier Nutrioniste skincare line) These are strong, yet gentle towelettes to remove my mascara, eye makeup, anything on my face. They smell really good- actually most of the products I have used smell good, so I'm not surprised. (~$5.99 for 25 towelettes, US)

yes to cucumbers facial towelettes
3) When I'm at the office, I use the Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes. They come in a 30-pack and they have such a great scent. They're very gentle and it's great to use when my face is feeling oily, usually by early afternoon. It's also a nice pick-me-up for the day. (~$5.99 for 30 towelettes, US)

They recently came out with a travel sized pack with 10 towelettes for $2.99. I personally don't think it's worth it b/c you can get 30 for just double the price. It's not that heavy either!

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