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Saturday, August 14, 2010

100% Pure Cosmetics- Eye Shadow Palette

When I first learned about 100% PURE cosmetics from Meg's Makeup (where else would I learn about the latest and greatest brands?), I was intrigued by their concept. Making cosmetics from fruit pigments? I wasn't quite sure how it would work... but t

So when I discovered the brand at a local store, I was psyched! Their body collection looks to die-for. Why? They offer delicious pomegranate, chocolate, strawberries, peach and more flavors in their sugar scrubs, lotions and body washes. Their simple packaging also makes it look very clean and fresh. I haven't tried them though, but if they're all natural.. must be good.

The Cosmetics are also a bit pricey than what I would pay per single item right now. I have way too much in my collection, so I cannot justify spending $14 for a single eye shadow pot even though I really want to try this creamy formula! I did go back after a few months and the tester still looked pretty nice- so I know it will last longer than I expect.

100% pure pretty naked palette
100% pure gift set
100% pure chocolate lip palette

What caught my eye was their sets and palettes. They had a Chocolate lip palette, a Pretty Naked palette (neutral shades) and gift sets with brushes/eyeshadows/face powder and more! In addition, they had this lovely Plum Eyeshadow set.

If you don't know already, purple is going to be hot this fall. Whether you're rocking the violet on your nails (stay tuned for my Fall Nail trend article) or clothing, this Plum palette has enough neutral and plum shades to wear everyday. What pleasantly surprised me the most is that the color stays! At first, I thought the colors would be too sheer, but the trick is to pat the colors on your eyelids. Obviously the lighter shades don't show as well, but they make great highlighters under the eyebrows.

Looks like this palette is discontinued, but I definitely recommend seeking out and trying to get this if you can!

Their Cosmetic line also includes mascara, lip/cheek tints, tinted moisturizers, powder, cheek pots, and lipsticks!! I would buy everything if I could! :)

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Unknown said...

Thank you so very very very much for this lovely review of 100% Pure's FRUIT PIGMENTED cosmetics!

Unknown said...

thank you for this wonderful review on 100% Pure's fruit pigmented color cosmetics! 100% Pure is the very best!

Unknown said...

This eye shadows are perfect makeup for special events. It matches every skin tone.

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