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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review: Lavera Sunscreen & Organic Cosmetics

lavera sunscreen
Earlier this year at the PrettyCity.com's Green & Gorgeous event, I was introduced to Lavera sunscreen. Did you know that they are the #1 sunscreen in Europe? After using this for the past 2 and a half weeks, I know why! This natural formula feels light and not sticky at all. It contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide you SPF, this physical sunblocker does its job and is all-natural!

If there's one "beauty" related task you should do everyday, it really is to protect your skin and wear sunscreen. The Lavera Anti-Aging Facial Subscreen is easy enough to apply everyday and one that I am not allergic to! Hallelujah! Will I be stocking up on this? You bet- I can't risk getting a tomato-face burn after spending hours in the sun. :)

Lavera also has great natural, cosmetics that are paraben-free. Highly recommend these products b/c they contain organic ingredients and they work well! Especially lovee the glosses!

lavera lip gloss sunscreen
Lip glosses- These glosses are moisturizing and non-sticky. They don't have the chemicals that will make your lips feel icky, heavy and make you wonder what exactly is going into your system when you lick your lips. The clear gloss I tried made my lips look naturally shiny- nothing over the top, but gorgeous enough to wear everyday. The brighter red color in #6 will leave your lips berry stained and gorg!
lavera mascara

Volumizing Mascara- The brown Volumizing Mascara really made my lashes thicker and stand out. I used this a few times without even curling my lashes though and although this mascara didn't give me volume with "curls" it did make it look thicker. Great formula that lasts all day without smudging!
Eyeliner- This pencil eyeliner in Navy color is perfect to make your blue eyes pop, or to mix up your usual black/brown eyeliner routine. I found these to be pretty blendable so you can use it to create a smokey eye. I do have to say that if you have oily lids, you will need a primer! Also, it helps to set it with eyeshadow to make the color last longer.

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)
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