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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tammy Fender Lip Guardian

Depending on where you are, winter's upon us and for some, it's really warm. Wherever you are, everyone needs moisturized lips and why not nourish and protect your lips from the heat or wind with the Tammy Fender Lip Guardian? It's formulated with lavender cacao with organic rose hip seed oil. (Have you tried the Tammy Fender Lavender Body Oil?)

It's packaged in a regular lip balm tube like the original chapstick, but instead of the balm being clear, it's a dark brownish green. The main ingredient is olive oil, so it's no wonder! When I first tried it, the application was not smooth (maybe it was my chapped lips?) but after a while it got better. (I guess I'm used to a gloss that applies easily.) However, the results? Moisturized lips without any flakes! I felt like the formula sank in and worked its magic, rather than sitting on my lips and doing pretty nothings, if you know what I mean.

If you're looking for a luxe lip product that works, then you should try this! Why luxe? B/c it costs $16.50 per tube!

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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