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Friday, May 27, 2011

Garnier Pure Clean Shampoo & Conditioner Samples from the Self Magazine's Workout in the Park

At the Self Magazine's Workout in the Park earlier this month, the Garnier booth gave out samples of their new Pure Clean shampoo & conditioner. If you follow me on Twitter, @BeautyAllThat, you may have heard me rave about this already. The shampoo is clear, clarifying and really feels different from their other shampoos. Although it has a pleasant scent like their other shampoos....I have noticed my hair feels less weighed down and gets less "build-up" if you know what I mean. With other shampoos/conditioner combos, my hair sometimes feel like it needs another wash within the second day. With this, I can get away with the third day and just use dry shampoo. Ingredient in this duo? Acerola Berry Antioxidant! Smells great!

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