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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mother's Day Preview at the Plaza Beauty

Mother's Day is coming up.... just a few more days! On my way to the Mother's Day preview event at the Plaza Beauty last week on my chariot (Just kidding!) I learned about some new brands that I have to share, including TOCCA & Jemma Kidd and learned more about a current favorite, JUARA Skincare.
I took a picture of this horse/carriage right outside of Central Park which is next to the Plaza Beauty. ;)

Here is a delicious sampling of JUARA Skincare products, including their Candlenut body cream, which smells delicious, Turmeric Tamarind mask, Candlenut Body Polish, and more! I'm a fan of their Sweet Black Tea & Rice moisturizer (Thanks to @MegsMakeup) and got samples of their new mattefying moisturizer! Can't wait to try this! See more at http://www.juaraskincare.com

What else can you gift your Mom this Mother's Day?

TOCCA Beauty has amazing fragrances, inspired by famous icons such as Cleopatra, Brigitte and Stella! Each have unique scents and notes but all smell really good! I can imagine myself wearing them all- depending on my mood of course. In addition to their Eau de Parfums, they boast solid perfumes, lip glosses, bath & body products, as well as Suncare towelettes! Learn more at: http://www.tocca.com/

If you've seen Jemma Kidd at Target, may I introduce to you Jemma Kidd Makeup School products. These are for professional makeup artists or if you're looking for products that have a teaching manual behind it. Each product has a quick guide so you're equipped with using their tools correctly! Look at all the fun products they have!
Learn more at: http://www.jemmakidd.com/

At the Plaza Beauty, I met the designer and her sister who design & sell these beautiful, Italian leather/suede handbags called Torregrossa. All made in the USA (NY, actually) but use hardwear and materials from Italy, since they're from Sicily! The design on the right is one I was eyeing... simply gorgeous! (and lightweight too!)
Learn more at: http://www.Torregrossafashions.com

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