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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organize your Closet for Fall !

Fall is finally here!! And it's time to start getting your favorite Fall sweaters out from storage and into your closets.. Every season I like to sift through my closet to see what I'm actually wearing and what I can donate. Looking for some organizing tips?

Barbara Reich, an organizing expert, has a few tips to share:

1) Take it out and shake it out.
o Take out all heavy winter coats and sweater.
o Take out any clothes/shoes that you didn’t wear last year and can’t see yourself wearing
this year.
o Take out any clothes/shoes that don’t fit, are in poor condition, will never fit, and are no
longer in style. Be ruthless…

2) Maintain and move
o Assess whether any clothing maintenance is required on winter coats and sweaters…do
buttons need tightening, do the coats need to be washed or professionally cleaner, are
the sweaters pilled?
o Consider moving heavy clothing to another closet (rack in basement, another closet
under bed storage)
o Make piles to donate, discard, take to cleaners, wash

3) Group like things together
o Put all of your spring/summer sweaters together. Fold or hang by color.
o Do the same for pants, short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops.
o Hang as much as possible, it’s the easiest to see what you have.

Want more tips??

4) Put what you wear most in “Prime Real Estate”
o That means the things you wear most should be in the place that’s most accessible and
easiest to reach.

5) Make a list
o Never buy without a plan.
o Did you discard something that needs to be replaced (e.g., white button down that was
looking gray, white cardigan)?
o Is there something you really need?

6) Getting organized is a big commitment, but staying organized takes 10 minutes or less a day.
Take the time to fold clothes properly before putting them away in your drawers or closet.

When you take something off a hanger, put the hanger at the front of your closet. That way
you know where all of the empty hangers are, and you’re more like to hang clothes when you
can easily find a hanger.

7) Maintain your clothes. Note when a button needs to be sewn or when a garment needs to be

8) When you buy new clothes, edit what you have to see if there’s anything that can be eliminated.

9) If you’ve put something on twice and decided not to wear it twice, it’s time to say goodbye.

10) The floor is not a place to store things. Try to avoid having anything on the floor of your closet.

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Beauty, Events, and Free Stuff said...

Really good tips can't wait to try them. Also received the Caudalie Day Perfecting Fluid thanks.

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