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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing RocksBox Jewelry

iFabbo.com recently launched their iFabbo Shop for current members to try out various products. With iFabbo currency, I was able to redeem a complimentary gift subscription to RocksBox.com, a site that will send members 3 designer jewelry pieces for you to try or buy! Membership for RocksBox is $19/month but you can receive your jewelry more than once a month (assuming you try, return or buy rather quickly). The three pieces that are delivered in your set are sent to you based on your profile/special needs and if you LOVE them, you can keep it for a special price.


The monthly fee is comparable to other subscription boxes out there, but you don't get to keep anything. However, it is sampling jewelry pieces and rather than spend a fortune on collecting pieces, you can update your wardrobe as frequently as you receive and wear your RocksBox pieces!

I won't be receiving my first box until mid-April, so I cannot wait until then to share what three pieces I received! Thanks to iFabbo for introducing me to RocksBox! #rocksboxifabbo

  (Disclaimer: I received a gift subscription from Ifabbo to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.) Check out more blogs @ TotalBeauty.com

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