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Sunday, August 10, 2014

August Wantable Accessories Box review

This month, I decided to try some new subscription boxes.. some are a bust and some are a must! :) This month, I decided to get the Wantable Accessories box. Wantable offers boxes for Makeup, Intimates and Accessories. (Coming soon- a Fitness box!) Over the winter, I got the Intimates box and loved the variety of items I received ranging from socks to tanks to undies. (See previous box here.)

The Accessories box looked amazing.. so I had to sign up.
How Wantable works:
-Complete a quiz to tailor your preferences on items that you LOVE, LIKE and DISLIKE. (You won't get items that you "DISLIKE" and you're more likely to get the items you LOVE.)
-Select a monthly subscription for $36/month or $40/month for a one-time subscription.
-Wait patiently for your box! :)

I decided to choose necklaces, watches and scarves for this box. Here's what I got in my Accessories box this month (based on account)

It was hard to see the pattern of the scarf, so in real life, here's what the items look like:

Overall, I'm pleased that the items were based on my personal quiz. The necklaces were both dainty but I would have loved to have a bold necklace in the mix. (sort of like the one that was featured on the site) I also would have liked to see some other items that was featured.  The scarf is a great addition though for my Fall wardrobe.. it's light, airy and long. The watch has a gray strap and a rose gold frame. It's lightweight and incredibly cute for the summer.

Wantable also has a great return policy- Free shipping and Free returns (including partial returns) if you're not loving it.

Sign up for Wantables today!


Unknown said...

Omg! What a cool box! I NEED to get my hands on one! I especially love the scarf (I'm a sucker for those haha). Have you tried Vain Pursuits btw? They're similar in concept but for skincare products!

** Beauty and All That said...

@Blaire Gardiner- thanks! Yes, the wantables box is a great addition for adding fun accessories to your closet. I haven't tried Vain Pursuits but I'll look into it!

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