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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rockettes Fancy Box - Debuts in September

If you've seen my reviews on the July & August Nicky Hilton's Fancy box, you'll know I'm hooked! (on Fancy boxes, that is). I saw they had a new box coming soon, curated by the Rockettes dancers!

If you're interested in getting picks that Rockettes dancers are fancy for, then I definitely recommend this. They gave a sneak peek which includes leg warmers for their dance workouts. I'm not a dancer but I'm hoping they incorporate fitness products that I can use and incorporate in my life.

It's their first box this month - shipping on September 8th, and the last day to order their September box is September 2! (Site says orders placed before the third of each will get processed.)

I'm personally excited and hoping this will be a keeper! Boxes are $39/month +$8/s&h..  if you're interested in signing up for Fancy or this Fancy box, check it out here!

Stay tuned for my first box review as soon as I receive it.. which in the past has been about 5-7 days after shipdate. :D

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