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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shecky's Girls Night Out Recap 1

I had the pleasure of attending New York City's Shecky's Girls Night Out last Friday evening. The full week long event in NYC took place the Puck Building in Soho and what a gorgeous historic building it is! After a quick 15 minute wait in line, I picked up my wristband and Goody Bag ticket (later to be redeemed on the 7th floor) and was amazed (!!!) at the how many vendors there were!! They were selling their hand-made jewelry, bags/clutches, clothing.. This was heaven! There were 3 large rooms on the first floor and one larger area on the 7th floor. If there were any more rooms, I would have been 1) broke and 2) sad that I didn't see it.

There was a goody bag filled with wonderful products from their sponsors.. pictures to be posted soon!

Highlights from the evening:
1) Chatted with one of the reps from Nintendo DS (they gave out a cute cotton tote bag) and he told me about his job(s). He's an actor and is an extra for Lipstick Jungle. They're filming Monday (Oct 20) in Union Square's farmers market, probably early morning if you're interested.

2) Got my nails done, courtesy of Chambord (yummy drinks), ugly nails =( but I got a free nail polish called J'adore Chambord.

3) Beer and food tasting! Tried 4 different kinds of beers, each paired with Bree cheese, canteloupe, raspberry cheese, and dark chocolate. Pics to be posted soon!

4) Goody bag!!! Filled with generous sized samples, including Borba water, toothpaste, chocolate, Aquafresh whitening, Dove energizing lotion/deodorant, and sooo much more! It came in a cute reusable tote bag too.


And here is the rest of it.

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