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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

e.l.f. Brushes Haul

So after getting all those emails (See e.l.f. marketing campaign and recently, 75% off e.l.f. minerals) I had to show you my e.l.f. haul.

I bought several brushes, duplicates of some, because I knew they were going to useful and of good quality. I sometimes have to use 3-4 different eye brushes to create a dramatic look (using blending and contrasting techniques.)

I got my package fairly quickly, in about a week or less, and it came in a very economically packaged box. I only received about 2 large sheets of paper as a filler, as you can see below. All my purchases came in a nice plastic bag with the words e.l.f. eyes lips face on it.

Here is an up close view of the many brushes that I bought. :) I pretty much bought brushes, eyeshadow applicators and a travel sized mirror. I bought eyeshadow brushes, defining eye brushes, blending brushes, angled blushing/bronzing/blending brushes and the total face brushes (the biggest of their brushes.)

I was so happy and overwhelmed with my purchase! I immediately opened three of the brushes to check out the bristles for the eyeshadow brush, blending brush, and the blushing/bronzing/blending brushes (pictured below).

I have to say that they are absolutely amazing! The eyeshadow brush has a nice rounded c-shaped tip and is wider than a lot of eyeshadow brushes that I have seen and have. Although the cutting and shape of one brush looked different than another eyeshadow brush, they are both similar and have really soft bristles. I even tried to stab it on my hand to see if any of the hairs would prick, but it did not hurt.

I really like these brushes because they can pack a lot of shadow within the brush. I have used these two eye brushes with my Jane Aguaceuticals eyeshadow set, and works wonderfully. I already have brushes from Bare Minerals (from their starter kits) and I must say that they work just as well. (Read reviews for the Eye shadow brush here)

The blushing/bronzing/blending brush, also shown in the above picture, is also very soft. It has some red hairs but overall, it works well as a blending brush. I use my other brushes to first apply my powder makeup and then I use this brush for any retouching and blending. (Read other reviews here)

Check out more brushes at Eyes Lips Face's website.

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