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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

e.l.f. Cosmetics- Email marketing campaign

After hearing about the cheap products that e.l.f. cosmetics offers on their website, (e.l.f. stands for Eyes Lips Face), I decided to check out what they had. Most of their products are only $1, ranging from eye shadows, lip glosses and brushes (Read my e.l.f. brush haul here) . They also offer a Studio line, which is about $3 each and Minerals line, which ranges from $3-$5.

The e.l.f. Studio line products are for those who want to achieve the "professional look." You'll notice that these products are all black- its packaging, handles and even brush bristles are black. (I like my brushes to have a natural looking color, even if they are synthetic.)

The E.L.F. Minerals line are made of 100% natural minerals, so they are free of chemicals, dyes and parabens. Their bath & body kits contains several products in various fragrances which cost about $10.

eyes lips face banner
source: e.l.f. website

I signed up for their newsletter to receive more e.l.f. news, promotions, product alerts and beauty tips. They also have a blog that you can check out at ELF Beauty Blog, written by their beauty professional, Achelle.

I would get about an email from them almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. At first, I found them annoying but then I got even more intrigued by their deals. They are known for having some great soft eye brushes, so I debated whether or not to buy them.

Some of their email subject headings include:
* Hi -insert email here- (Dec. 21, 22, 23, 24..I told you it was every day!)
* For only -insert email here- (Dec. 22)
* Sorry -insert email here- (Dec. 20)
* This is the Best! (Dec. 29)
* OMG - Get it Now ! (Jan 6)
* -insert email here- Get What You Really Really Want ! (Jan 7)

Also, the email sender of these emails would vary. It would be "Eyes Lips Face" one day, and "e.l.f." the next and sometimes "elf@eyeslipsface.com". Did they do this to make their constant emails look different?

So, I am a sucker for bargains and buying things in bulk, so when I see emails like these, I just can't help but to browse (at least for now).
eyes lips face cosmetics email marketing
eyes lips face cosmetics email marketingeyes lips face cosmetics email marketing
Source: e.l.f. emails

Items that I want to buy?
Their minerals line and BRUSHES.

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