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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tarte Cosmetics's Vanity Edition Palette

Remember the mini-train case of samples that I received from Sephora?

As part of my haul, I ordered Tarte: The Vanity Limited Edition Palette; it is truly a treasure chest. Since I have purchased this palette, I have used it many times but mostly the eye shadows. I really like how this case has 3 levels- one for eye shadows, lip colors and blushes. It also comes with their Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and two brushes.

First Level: Eyeshadows

I am not crazy with these colors because I find a lot of them are very similar-such as 5 & 12 (both are whites), 1& 8 (peaches), 2& 11 (turquoises) and 4 & 9 (purples). Although color #1 looks to have more shimmer than #8, the different is not that big. Either one would make good eye brighteners or highlighters. I am a bit disappointed because this was a splurge and I didn't get that many choices in colors.

I do however really like the turquoise #11 because it is a fun, vibrant color that pops when you do a smokey eye. The golden color # 6 did not come out as strong as it does in the pictures. Most of the lighter shades were not as well pigmented as it could have been which meant I needed to pack on more and/or use other shadows.

Second Level: Lip glosses

The glosses here are also a bit sheer, but I do find they wear well. I am hesitant to wear some of the colors alone but I can mix and match some of the shades together to get a wearable look. My favorite nude color is #8 and nude frosted lip color #4. Since they are mostly sheer, I usually mix a bit of my other lipsticks and use these to top my lip color. Lip gloss color #16 is one of my favorites because it is a nice deep wine shade which is great for special occasions. For the everyday look, I stick with my neutral shades.

Third Level: Blush Colors/Etc.

I haven't used the bronzer/luminizer, the two colors on the left, yet but I have used the third blush from top. I used it as a contour and it works pretty well. The first blush color reminds me of.. to find out-

Smashbox's O color- so pink!!

Overall, I found the powders to be very loose even after my first use, so it was a bit messy. But I do like the colors and it is a compact, so it is convenient to take it somewhere. It also comes with a mirror, but there is no back support so you can't apply your makeup while looking at the mirror without holding on to the case. (Inconvenient)

This palette is exclusively sold at Sephora for $52.

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