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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target in NYC- February 14-15, 2009

So this President's Day/Valentine's Day weekend, I went and braved the cold (standing in line for almost an hour) for the unveiling of Alexander McQueen's line for Target. (It officially hits stores on March 1, 2009) This weekend event was insane, the lines were ridiculously long, and once inside it felt like the lines for the changing rooms were even longer. People even bought their DOGS and BABIES there.

The design inside this market was unique but did not make it easy for the crowds. Granted that groups of people were being let in at a time and that there were about 5 sections located around the walls of the are and one area of racks in the middle, people were dashing back and forth to grab the clothes off the racks. Each section was poorly designed, in my opinion, because the racks were in a U-shape, which meant once you were inside that area and choosing the items you wanted, people were coming in and surrounding you. It wasn't too bad but in certain areas where people knew specifically what they wanted (think the grey jacket- one of the more sought after items), it was gone very quickly! Occasionally, they would refill the racks with other clothing but they didn't restock the grey jackets...

I couldn't help but take numerous photos of the artwork within the market. Brilliant and well done advertising pieces for the Alexander McQ line for Target. I absolutely adore the doll-face and was really hoping they would sell the dolls or something but if anyone knows where I can get them, please let me know!

So the second picture on the first row below, I was deciding between these three pieces. They are all basic tees/tanks but much edgier and stylish. I really like the blue/grey-based pattern because it has all sorts of images such as skulls and mermaids which you can't tell what they are until you look at them close-up. They had a basic tee just on the pattern but I thought it was too plain (plus I have too many tees!) The black tee was nice because it has a net fabric for the shoulders and also for half of the back part of the shirt. But I decided to just purchase the black tank with blue/grey pattern. :) That item costs $26.99 and they threw in a CD of an artist whose music was playing throughout the time I was there.

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