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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Product Review: My favorite Mario Badescu products

Here are some sneak peek reviews on my favorite Mario Badescu products. When someone asks me what I use to wash my face or moisturize, I automatically think of the products that I'm currently using. They have been a part of my routine as long as I can remember, so I try to tell everyone who is looking to switch to a new brand about it. (I even recommended it to my friend the other day)

In no particular order, since I like and use them all:
1) Henna & Seamollient Shampoo - I would say this is good shampoo to use because it really cleans your hair and does not have a strong scent to it so your hair ends up smelling natural. It does not leave a residue on your hair which is always a plus. It also lathers very well by using a little more than just a... read more!

2) Honey Moisturizer - I received a sample of their honey moisturizer when I filled out their consultation questionnaire to figure out what products were best for my skin type. After trying this, I was hooked. It's nice and light and absorbs quickly. It's not too thick so I wouldn't use it if you have really dry skin. It is also...read more!

3) Buffering Lotion - I was introduced to this product by a friend who said this helped with her stubborn breakouts. So I followed her recommendation and haven't looked back since. Overall, MB's Buffering lotion has been able to improve my skin where it used to break out a lot. This is a... read more!

4) Body Sunblock (SPF30) - This is the one of the best sunblock protector that I have used for my sensitive skin. Since I am allergic to most products with harsh chemicals, I usually look for ones that contain titanium dioxide. Not only does this one contain that, but it also has aloe and palm oil to make it a good moisturizer. My skin feels... read more

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