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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sephora Sundays #2- Free Skincare Samples for Beauty Insiders

For Beauty Insiders only, Sephora is offering this skincare sample bag for YOUR type of skin- Normal/Combo, Dry or Oily skin. Free with any online order of $25 or more, this sample kit allows you to try different brands' products that are suited for your skin.

Learn more about the 4 Steps...
Each kit has a product for a clean skin care routine in 4 Steps-
1) Cleanse- your skin, morning and night.
2) Treat- your specific problem areas
3) Moisturize- to maintain hydration
4) Protect- from future sun damage

Read Sephora's article on what exactly these four steps mean here.

For a long time, I only thought cleansing would be enough. I recently discovered the wonders of moisturizing my face, even though I had oily skin. I figured why would I want more products on my face that would create more oil. However, by moisturizing I was giving my skin what it needed so it would not overdry and produce even more oil. Hence, a happy face :)

What exactly is Step #2- Treat? According to the article, it means to treat any problem areas- whether it be zits, clogged pores, wrinkles, etc. There are products you can use to combat these problems in concentrated serums or spot treatments.

For Step #4 Protect from Sun Damage- this is something that I am workingon. Since I am allergic to many SPF products (it's the chemical used for SPF protection), I have to be very careful on what products I can use. Still looking for the right product I can use without making my face look like a tomato :)

To get YOUR FREE Sample bag with a $25 Sephora purchase...
Use code: 4STEPS at checkout!

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