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Friday, January 08, 2010

Meg's Makeup Dedication

megs makeup
What is Meg's Makeup?
It's more than just a makeup community; it's a haven where I am inspired by reviews and other members to try new and different products for my hair, skin and face. So many beauty tricks and info I find useful, I have learned from Meg's Makeup.

Just a few things I have learned in the past couple of months..

* The Benefits of Witch Hazel is amazing- it's great for my oily skin as an astringent.
* New Trends such as Dark Green Nail Polish- Inspired by this post, I got myself a Wet 'n Wild Dark Green nail polish later in the fall.
* To resist temptation for the Stila Smudgepot Set- I was strapped for cash.. but I really wanted this! Next year, I promise!
* What Hyaluron can do for your skin -Received the M. Asam's Aqua Intense Hyaluron Cream in my first goodie package and realized it really moisturized my skin. Works wonders! :)
* You CAN smell like a cupcake after a shower- Also received this in my goodie package, and fell in loooove.
* Glue=Pore Extraction (Laughs!)- Does this equation work in your beauty routine?
* New Companies/Websites such as 100% Pure, and BeautyTicket.com- Always like to check out new products on these sites to see what's new.
and last but not least,
*Palettes such as the LORAC Croc Palette, will always be my beauty must-have.
- I am obsessed with palettes and this one has created so many beautiful neutral eye shades for me. LORAC palette=Love.

Thank you Meg for being so wonderful and dedicated to this site and for inspiring all Megheads to be their true beautiful self! All Megheads share a love for beauty and makeup and I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful family. :) xo, BeautyAllThat

If you haven't joined yet, go to MEGSMAKEUP.COM to see what I'm talking about!

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