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Friday, February 26, 2010

How-to: Gorgeous Makeup Looks by Asian Celebrities

Asian Celebrities Show Off Gorgeous Makeup Looks (Learn How to Get 'Em)

From Sandra Oh to Lucy Liu, these celebrities know how to play up their Asian beauty

One thing all Asian women do have in common? The ability to look absolutely stunning. These stars show off their radiant skin, pouty lips, flirty lashes and smoldering eyes, and here we'll give you the scoop on the makeup techniques they use.

See looks

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.. said...

the first girl is gorrrgeeoussss i can't remember her name but i believe she was dating keanu reeves? ah jealous!

** Beauty and All That said...

The first girl is Lindsay Price. Last I heard she dated Ted from "How I Met Your Mother." I actually met her last year at a blogger's event! She is super nice and gorgeous in-person.


.. said...

yes lindsay price! that's right!

wow! i never knew bloggers had events! (is it only in the US?)

how wholesome of her to attend a blogger's event :) that's sweet!

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