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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meg's Makeup Gift- Third Package and Surprise package

Meg (and her team, including Eleni!) has done it again. They made this miserable (weather-wise) week to become FABULOUS! I received, NOT ONE, BUT TWO packages from Meg's Makeup! SOO excited to share with you what I received. I believe one of them was for my 250 point redemption and another was for my entry for a Meg's contest. heehee!

To read about the benefits of becoming a Meg's Makeup member, which I have stated numerous times already, go here.

I received in the first package:
The Argan Oil Shampoo and the Alofe Cleansing Foam (from South Africa)
argan oil
alife cleansing foam

I received in the second pacakge:
The ELF LARGE makeup palette- can it get any spectacular than this? and the Supersmile Quikee

supersmile quikee
eyes lips face makeup palette elf

Reviews/Product Details TBA.. for now, enjoy the pictures!

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.. said...

Oh wow!!!! i completely forgotten about gift from doing the competition, i haven't received anything as of yet but i'm def looking fwd to it now :)

quick question, did your argan oil shampoo leak?

i received a liptint that was half empty, i'm not sure whether it leaked or evaporated because it's was so hot here lol

** Beauty and All That said...

Hi Lily- I hope you get your gift soon! Yea, the argan shampoo leaked all over the brown paper envelope, and unfortunately lost a lot of the product. Was the liptint in a pot? Bummer- it must have evaporated if you didn't see any spillage.

.. said...

it was in a tube.. i think it's because of the weather contrast.. from freezing cold to stinking hot.. there were a lot of product that hardened and stuck inside the lid.. i've had a few issues with reciving lip product from the US.. every time i get a balm from EDM it's pretty much melted into crumbs when it get here lolol

** Beauty and All That said...

Hi Lily, EDM lippies turned into crumbs?? Yikes, have you let them know? (ie, take a picture and show them??) That's a shame.. the ones I received have been super hard.. I will write a blog on that soon. Hope everything is going well! Your blog posts the most yummy food! I get hungry everytime I see it.

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