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Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Year's- New Routines

It's a week into the new year (2011) and I sometimes catch myself using 2010 when I write the dates. Anyone else have that same problem? It usually doesn't go away until .. sometime in February. I have a few new year's resolution including updating my routines to spend my time wisely.

So far, I have been good with keeping track of how I use my time- by keeping a mental schedule and a to-do list. A few new routines I am liking are:

1) Reading more- I have recently been reading Harry Potter (yes- I know a decade late) but I'm loving it so far. I'm on book #4 now so I'll be reading the rest of the series this month and then I can catch up on watching the movies! Can you say, HP Marathon? Anyone read any other good books lately?

2) Updating my bodywash routine- While cleaning my room, I found a sample pack of the Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Daily Shower Care products. It included 5 samples of a 5-step routine, including 1) Cleansing Gel 2) Exfoliator 3) Body Oil 4) Body Cream 5) Hand & Elbow cream. The scent was soo lovely (rainforest), but using all of these layered on the scents and definitely made it stronger. I have to admit that sometimes I don't always use lotions and oils afterwards but this year I will make a conscientious effort to do so. :)

3) Stay Crafty- I recently learned this new craft, needle felting and it is so addictive. Basically with a special needle, a block of foam and wool roving, you can create cute little objects of your choice. More to be explained on my crafty blog- Crafty & All That. soon! Also want to keep up with learning crochet skills..I've been obsessed with Amigurumi so much lately that I want to learn more crochet stitches.. This year I am definitely interested in taking a new crafts class too.

4) Try New Makeup Looks- Instead of using my neutrals all the time, I am determined to try new fun makeup looks this year. Got tons of colors I want to try and a stash of makeup to do so. :) Even if I don't want to wear makeup on a particular day, the least I will wear is eyeliner/mascara.

What are some of your new routines?

xoxo, Beauty & All That

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