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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Relax with One's Lotion Massage Calming Bar

one bath and body massage calming bar
one massage calming bar

It's Day #3 of my Valentine's Day Series.... if you're feeling stressed (post-holidays/over-worked/financial problems/anything!) take Valentine's Day as a day to relax. Nothing beats a long bath, try taking a bubble bath using One Bath & Body's Bath Fizzer and follow it with One Bath & Body's Calming bar.

This Lotion Massaging Bar is infused with essential oils and moisturizing shea butters to keep your skin feeling soft and make you feel calm. There are also four ridges on top, which I assume is used to knead away any knots on your back. Unfortunately there needs to be A LOT more. After a few uses, it sort of just goes away and you end up with a bar of lotion. The bar does go on smoothly though when you rub it on your skin, since the warmth of your skin sorta melts the lotion. The scent is also pretty strong, like most of their other products, and it smells rather therapeutic. I really like that the lotion absorbs so there's no sticky film left on your body. Your skin will definitely feels smooth and a bit tingly afterward.

So get calm this Valentine's Day and can you say Ommmmm ? :)

(Disclaimer: I received this product from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers.)

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