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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Super soft brushes from Ecotools

ecotools new brushes
If you're a fan of mineral makeup, you know that it's super important to try brushes that are soft on your face. But for any face makeup you use, whether it is eyeshadow, blush, or eyeliner, there's an EcoTools brush you can use to apply your makeup. Through recommendations from friends, I knew I had to try EcoTools! They're readily available at drugstores at quite affordable prices - between $6-$10.

Tidbit: My first EcoTools product ever used was their cellulose sponges to exfoliate my face.
Have you tried their EcoTools Cosmetic bags by Alicia Silverstone ?

Learn more about the brushes here..

ecotools kabuki brushes review
For the past couple of months EcoTools have come out with new products, including the Finishing Kabuki Brush and the Retractable Foundation Brush, which were sent to me for review consideration. The Finishing Kabuki is a super light brush used to sweep finishing powder or a light bronzer all-over the face. It reminds me a of stippling brush but a much wider one. See below for brush density comparison.
new ecotools brushes review
The Retractable Foundation Brush is a lot skinnier than I thought it would be. However, I found this tapered brush perfect for applying concealer undereye- not meant for precision though. I also like this brush when I use my mineral-based liquid foundation to conceal redness on the side of my nose. This is good for particular areas of my face because I prefer the kabuki brush below for applying foundation overall. :) The packaging is also very handy for travel.
This retractable kabuki brush is another amazing and super dense brush! Retractable brushes are great for on-the-go and touchups throughout the day. This brush is super soft and great for applying mineral makeup all over the face. (This was in my goodie bag from the Yagolicious Beauty Affair event in December.)

:) I can't stress how important it is to have soft bristles for your facial brushes. You don't want anything harsh on your skin that could potentially leave scratches on your face, that you can't even see.

See how all three brushes compare? They all have different uses so I can't even rank which one is my favorite. I probably use the retractable kabuki the most because it gives the best overall coverage- quick!

By the way, I loved these EcoTools brushes so much that I bought their Bamboo 6 piece Eye Brush Set. I already have a lot of eyebrushes, but I thought this would be great for traveling because it has a mirror and a storage case to carry 6 brushes! CUTE!! LOVE THIS!!

(Disclaimer: I received 2 products from this company's PR agency to test, try and share my thoughts with my readers. Read blog for details.)

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Anonymous said...

When is the finishing kabuki coming out in stores? I want it so bad!!!

** Beauty and All That said...

@lalilyx3 - They're supposed to be out already! It really depends on the market, but I would keep checking your local drugstore/mass retailer. :)

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