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Monday, November 07, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide #2: Stay Stress-free with PepUp Mint Tspheres

In the start of my Fall Fitness Adventure (aka checking out studios and taking fitness class), I checked out the NamasDay event at ExhaleSpa in New York earlier in September. Although I wasn't able to take the free yoga class, I did get to check out the event they had in their shop area- including yummy drinks, rejuvenating beauty treatments and a fun pop-up shop! As part of the event, we all got in our bags one of the best discovery this season- Tspheres! These tiny aromatherapy balls are infused with peppermint and jojoba oil that can be used on your face/neck and even feet. The peppermint oil is strong to help with any headaches you may have and pressing the ball on certain areas of your face can also relieve tension.

Each Pep Up Tspheres package comes with instructions, two balls and some peppermint spray to help infuse the balls again after a wash. You can use these during a break at work or when traveling. These are super for the holidays- when it can be quite stressful! If you take about 10 minutes everyday for yourself and massage your face or feet, you will feel a lot better. Perfect for yourself or to a stress-out pal! :)

You can get yours at your local Exhale Spa or at www.tspheres.com. Tshperes also come in larger sizes too for your lower back, etc.

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