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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Everyday Minerals Sample Kit Review

I've recently discovered for myself a brand of minerals makeup that I absolutely adore- Everyday Minerals! They have great products, using ingredients that are free of chemicals, and also very affordable! Many other beauty bloggers/gurus out there also agree. I have learned about this company several years ago actually but I was happy with my makeup routine, using Bare Escentuals i.d. bareMinerals. Not to say that I don't like their products anymore, I just have expanded my collection and it never hurts to try new things. (unless you're severely allergic, which I am to SPF-related products- but that would be an entirely different post)

So after watching many YouTuber's hauls on EverydayMinerals, I decided to get their FREE starter kit, which consists of 3 different base colors for your face, 1 blush color and 1 concealer product. They are all in tiny little jars but they are PACKED with minerals, so they are very generous sample sizes. :)

I took some pointers from their descriptions and ordered the base colors from the Olive family- Olive Fair, Light Olive and Olive Golden Medium. I knew right away out of those three that Light Olive was the right one for me.. I am still going to try other colors maybe Beige Light Medium to see if they are a better match but I'm pretty satisfied with the color match and coverage.

They offer their bases in 4 formula choices- Intensive, Matte, Semi-matte and Original Glo, in the order of most coverage to least coverage. I opted for Matte since I read other users actually broke out from Intensive formula and since I have oily skin, matte seems to be alright. I definitely don't want to over-dry my skin (yuck!)

I got the Bisque color corrector (Concealer) and Daydream blush color. They are fairly similar in color, both rosey and matte formula. I use the Bisque to color correct my undereye circles. Since it is matte, it doesn't really brighten the area as much which is what I want and doesn't really help my dark circles. I've decided to just use it as a contour blush instead.

If you haven't jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon yet, I suggest you try this company out and at least get a sample kit. You only have to pay for shipping (~$4, depending on where you live). It's a great deal and I'm so glad that I did. Many more purchases of their products to come in the future!

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