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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Maybelline Viva La Violet Spring 2009 Look

I saw this at my local drugstore today- Maybelline New York's limited edition Spring Collection, called Viva La Violet. This collection focuses on beautiful shades of purple. I couldn't find anymore info on this besides the above image found on a Maybelline site, country unknown. What is QA?

Some new products include an Eye Express shadow/liner pencils in a baby pink, dark purple, steely gray shades and a dark purple eyeliner pencil, forgot the name. Gorgeous colors! Tell me, will you be wearing purple this Spring?

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april said...

i want the look the model is wearing. can you tell me what eyeshadows she is wearing? i will go to walgreens tommorow and see if they have them. i checked the website and it says what she is wearing is the limited edition of Expert Wear Quad Eye shadow quads but doesnt say the color. but it does have three colors selections at the bottom. might be one of those. its either Tulips In Twilight
249 or passion flower 251. i think its tulips in twilight cuz it has that dark purple in it. if i cant find it in stores i will be mad. i'm in love with purple! and pink! i love the models look. i have to copy it. plus it will match the 7 purple shirts i have.

** Beauty and All That said...

Hi April,
I adore the look that she has too. It says she's wearing shades for light skin tones and the eyeshadow quad listed under light skin tones is Bold Blossoms 250. Hope you can find it at your local drugstores.

april said...

hi again. well theres not in any drugstores yet where i live, well maybe but i didnt feel like searching every one. so i found a eyeshadow palette that look similar to maybelline's expert eyeshadow wear compacts. i got it at walgreens. its called milani RUNWAY EYES Fashion Shadows. and i choose couture in purples. it is very pretty and i got a look like the the maybelline model for the viva la violet pic. so i am very happy. but if i see the new maybelline makeup i'll probably still buy it. i love makeup. the more the better.

** Beauty and All That said...

I found in my local drugstore the other day a similar eyeshadow quad from Maybelline called Lavender Fields. It's also very pretty and carries nice complimentary shades of purple. Hope you can find these soon!

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