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Monday, August 17, 2009

Everyday Minerals- New website

I thought I would let my readers know that Everyday Minerals now has a new and improved (some may disagree) website! Some of the big changes in case you haven't seen it yet:
1) Community based- They are becoming more social networking friendly by having groups, photo capability and blogging for individual users. You can also "add friends" and send private messages to them. This is a bonus for people who want to contact other forum members without letting everyone know what they have to say!

2) Changes in Custom Kits- The free custom kit, the personal custom kit and the Super Custom kit are now gone.

To learn more about the kits and the controversy about the website...

The Free Custom Kits are now replaced by "Try Me Free" kits which are pre-selected kits in various shades based on light, medium, tan colors or a trio of blushes, concealers or eyeshadows. They are a bit limited but if you are new and do not own a lot of various blushes, these are a great way to try the favorites!

The Personal Custom kits (6 items for $34) is replaced with a 25% off discount of 5-11 items of full-sized products. So, this way you have more leeway in the number of items you want while getting a discount.

The Super Custom Kit (12 items for $50) is now available through a 45% off discount of 12 items or more! This is by far their best current deal because if you order more cheaper items, the price will be less. For example, a lip product costing $4 will only be $2.20 if you have 11 other full size items. Previously in the old Super Custom Kit, it would have cost an average of $4.17 ($50/12= $4.17).

Many customers on the forum are upset with EDM because these kits are gone, when they had said earlier in the forum that the Super Custom kit was going to stay with the new site. Frankly, I think that is unfair for them to ask a company that is obviously here to make money to lower their prices. With a new site, there are costs involved that simply do not pay for itself.

Yes, compared to the original Super Custom Kit, if you order 12 full size items for $12 each, you would have only payed $50 compared to the $79 you would pay now, even with the 45% off discount. But realistically, does a customer order always $12 items? One usually orders blushes which are $8, or eyeshadows which are $6, or even brushes which vary from $5-10. So, point is: strategically add items to your cart to maximize your value.

Coming up: The new EDM Fall 2009 Collection
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